Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Level Naturals

From their website:

We are also committed to offering you products that are made with the best quality, gluten free, cruelty free, all natural ingredients that are actually good for you. We will never use parabens, sulfates, toxic preservatives or anything else that contributes to damaging your health. 

We believe that you can change the world just by showering with us. Yep, we're that awesome, and so are you.

-How could you not want to buy a product from a company this cool?  A few of us were able to test out a few of their products.  Here is what we had to say!

One lady had a doozy of a cold and used the bath bombs: I loved the bath bombs! They were just powerful enough to do the job, but not too overwhelming to my sensitive nose. I also appreciate the care and ethics under which they are created.

I actually needed to buy soap that same day, so I was glad to be offered a HUGE bar for testing purposes.

--My beauty routine has taken years to hone and perfect.  Chapstick and Lotion.  I hate to have itchy and tight skin.  I bring lotion camping, fishing, hiking, snow boarding and camping.  I thought I needed lotion as an essential item, but I was wrong.  Apparently, I just needed to ditch my old soap (which was whatever I had around).  
My friend received samples from Level Naturals and I was lucky enough to be given a bar of Tangerine Spearmint (I had to resist the urge to take a bite).  I love the directions on the back: “Get wet, rub it on, lather it up, scrub the day’s crud off, repeat and experience frequently.”  This company has a sense of humor!
The bar is hefty and easy to hold in the shower.  It lathers quickly and covers easily.  I love that with a quick rinse, all the soap is gone without any residue or slimy feeling.  I have been using it on my whole body (face to toes) and am hooked.  I don’t have to rush to the lotion bottle immediately upon exiting the shower.  It removed both the slime and smell from salmon and also the sweat from a wonderful 2 hour cross country ski outing.  
The bar does cost $8.50, but it is a large bar with quality ingredients.  Instead of putting chemicals and fillers onto my body, this bar covers me with natural (and Gluten free) ingredients that were only tested on humans.  This product is wonderful for the dry winters in Alaska!
Thank you Level!  

Here is an added review for their wonderful body butter and strange sounding Dragon Blood Soap!

So many people think that Vegans have perfect skin at all times- not so for me! Living in Alaska has taught me that no matter what your diet happens to consist of, you sometimes need help in the moisture department.  I am constantly changing the combination of soap and moisturizer I use to ensure that I do not resemble some sort of reptile (of which there are precious few in residence).
The opportunity to try Level Naturals Spiced Dragon Blood Soap and Original Body butter was a dream. I wanted to trial both for a month to see how my skin tolerated and reacted. I have extremely sensitive skin, and appreciate the use of all natural ingredients that are cruelty free! I am happy to report that not only did my skin drink in the yummy sent and ingredients of both, they actually helped my skin to stay moisturized throughout the day. 
While the name of the Spiced Dragon’s Blood soap can bring about visions of medieval times, it is really just a clever name to help capture the essence of spices.  They were able to capture the essence of the ever-popular incense with a warm, inviting soap.  If you are an ingredient scrutinizer as I am, the fact that there are a myriad of moisturizing ingredients is a great goody. It left a light scent on my skin that was just the right touch, rather than being completely overpowering.

The Original body butter was something that I was a bit skeptical about. Body butters and I typically have a love/hate relationship, in that, they are usually too greasy or not moisturizing enough.  Worse, many are laden with overpowering scents. This was definitely not the case! My almost-two-year-old was always happy to get his evening post bath massage using it. He also would seek it out after a long jaunt outside to help moisturize his hands (and mine). 
Overall, Level naturals had two excellent products that I was fortunate enough to try and review. I would highly recommend them to any Alaskan. With their ethical practices, pure formulas and minimal packaging, they are a sure-fire winner.

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