Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stabilicers Lite

Ice fishing on a 30 degree day is a true test for a traction device.  The inch deep standing water had people slipping and splashing to their spots.  My son was giving the Stabilicers a test run and had no problem maneuvering around the hole and chasing after the flopping Arctic Char.  

I was so happy to find the company, 32 degrees North, and their new toddler sized grippers.  The Anchorage Outdoor Family Network recommends grippers for our winter hikes, especially when carrying children in a backpack.  The young hikers often slip and slide and are forced into sleds when trails are iced over.  No more!

Prior to the Stabilicers, I tried the smallest women’s size of ice grippers on my son’s boots.  They inevitably fell of midway through a hike only to be found along the trail on the way back.  These toddler sized grippers are an XS and indicate a will fit for US sizes 1-3.5 or EU sizes 32-35.

The Stabilicers easily attached to his boots (size 12), but were a little large for my younger son’s size 9 boots.  I put his toe into the gripper, pulled it over his heel and then pulled up the sides around his boot.  It was easy for me to do while wearing mittens!  
I never understood the absence of toddler grippers on the market.  It seems that this company realizes that little hikers (and ice fisherman) need traction as much, if not more than, adults.  The Pink, Blue and Black colors are nice if you have order two of different sizes (so you can easily tell the sizes apart!).  
The low price of $14.95 is wonderful and within reach of most families.  Click through this link to order some now!  I was trying to think of problems or negatives with these and came up empty.  They are sturdy, easy to use and very reasonably priced.   The only problem is that I haven’t seen them in Anchorage stores yet.  Most outdoor stores here do carry their other products and might soon carry these!

I asked my son about why he liked the grippers and he said, “Because they let me walk on the ice.”  Such a simple statement and so true!
Without hesitation, I give the Stabilicers Lite XS my Alaskan Mom Approval.  The grippers let young hikers conquer icy trails, give toddler ice fisherpeople traction (keeping them dry and out of the hole) and are easy for parents to put on and remove (while wearing mittens!).  Fantastic product!!
Thank you 32 degrees North for sending us a pair of Stabilicers to test out on the trails and ice of Alaska!  


  1. Hello!
    Thank you so much for your great review of our Stabilicers Lites - we are thrilled that our ice cleats tested so well and received Alaskan Mom Approval! We are very proud of our Maine made quality - durable, lightweight and superior traction. Thank you for noting how easy our Lites slip on and fit snug to a favorite boot. This is important for our Lites which are designed for casual, every day use. You want an ice cleat that allows for an easy, efficient yet effective fit to for your level of activity - our Lites delivery this function beautifully as you experienced.
    Its great that your son was able to safely participate in the outdoor activities, we are pleased that the little ones are enjoying the same traction as their moms and dads! A mom recently reported on her blog ( that her son had replied "Mom, these are sticky!" after testing our our kid sized cleats - no slips or falls!
    Again, we appreciate the positive feedback - thank you for taking the time to test and review. We hope you and your hiking community continue to enjoy a safe winter season!

  2. Love this! I NEED a pair for my kiddos :)