Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Think King Stroller Accessories

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My older dog grew up in the car. Actually, it was a laundry basket in the front seat. We went everywhere together - parks, stores, trips (she flew to Alaska twice before we moved up for good), rock climbing and cross country skiing. I never was going to let her fall back in the pecking order after having children, but inevitably she doesn't get walked as much or get quite as many pets. I have been trying to increase her walks, but pushing two kiddos (or chasing them, or pulling them, or carrying them) with three leashes is quite a spectacle for those around me. I have found a few stroller accessories that make this five ringed circus a bit more manageable.

I hate stuffing my pockets with dog clean up bags, graham crackers and pepper spray (I live in Alaska with the wild animals). The Soft Buggy Cup from Think King provides a great place for the crackers, bags and water. The stiff material keeps it open for quick retrieval of clean up bags and lets me easy toss new items in (sticks and rocks that can't possible be left behind on the trail). It has a nice pull closure if I am on a bumpy trail to keep items from escaping. My son can pull out his water bottle with ease as well. I can quickly transfer it between strollers and the versatile straps attach to either a horizontal or vertical pole.

The mesh material is good for letting crumbs out, but doesn't give protection from the elements (soggy grahams on a rainy day). It would be nice to have a water proof version perhaps. I have a hard time getting a tight closure with the drawstring, but it seems to be getting easier with use.

Soft Buggy Cup Specifications
-can hold a 32 oz bottle or fountain cup
-attaches with velcro straps
-soft material flattens when stroller folds
-drawstring closure
-rinse and air dry

The Buggy Hooks didn't seem that useful to me at first as I am not a purse girl and just toss a little diaper pouch in the bottom on walks. When I set out to test the hooks, I was pleasantly surprised to find so many other uses! Our dog park currently has an aggressive beaver problem (they have bitten many dogs causing large bites needing stitches!) and I like to leashes ready, but I hate wearing them around my neck. The hooks hold the leashes at the ready quite nicely. They also hold my reusable shopping bags for the Farmer's Market. I even found they hold the kiddos' snack cups! They attach in seconds and just fold up with the stroller. I put some heavy items in and they didn't give way or unfasten (they almost pulled kiddo over, so be careful). These fit on all three of my strollers (Yes, I have an armada) and change over quickly.

Might Buggy Hook Specifications
-Lightweight aluminum
-No clip, just slide items in and out
-Deep U shape for wide straps
-Velcro attachment
-Rubbery strap doesn't slide
-$14.99 for two

I give the Cup and Hooks from Think King my Alaskan Mom Approval for helping me get out with my brood ( two kids and three dogs) easier, be simple in design, versatile in use and strong in construction. Thank you Think King for letting us test out these great products!


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