Monday, July 11, 2011

Innate Gear MC2

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I love reading articles about how to use ordinary products in creative ways. A recent blog featuring coffee filters was amazing - cleaning windows, filtering tea and even lining your child's potty for easy clean up. I feel that a great product needs to have more than one use. This new food storage container from Innate Gear fits the bill.

The MC2 container weighs in at only 8.5 ounces, but holds 26 ounces. The shiny stainless bottom doesn't retain odors, prevents squished snacks and can be an impromptu reflector if you need to be rescued! The food grade silicone lid separates this from your yogurt containers or Tupperware. This lid pops up creating a bowl that holds 13.5 ounces and can be microwaved. The retail price is about $20 setting on par with most stainless storage devices.

I hate food containers that leak when tossed into a backpack, so I did a highly scientific test prior to our fist adventure together. I put two sheets of paper towel into the MC2, sealed the lid and let my kids play with it in the bathtub. They submerged it, used it as a raft for their sharks and even tried to remove the lid. Amazingly, they couldn't remove the lid off and there was no moisture on the paper towel.

The lid is pliable, yet strong. It comes in bright blue, red and green. I twisted it and there was so discoloration that indicated spots wearing. The lid doesn't snap easily into place and takes some finessing, but once on it is not coming off without trying. My older ate cereal out of the lid and my younger son easily carries and grabs his snacks. This lid is so creative in design and sturdy in construction.

The bottom is strong and while the bottom got scratched from the rocks my children were tossing into it, there were no dents. It won't crack or get punctured like other reusable containers. I also like that it isn't made from plastic and is free from chemical leaching.

The Innate Gear website offers recipes and tips for your container. They suggest rehydrating legumes and beans on the trail for a tasty supper at your campsite. The Tomato-Lentil Stew made my mouth water! I have always wanted sourdough pancakes while camping and this would make the perfect container for transport and then to sit in over night (just don't seal the lid completely). I bet it could also let me make whipped cream for a dessert topper as well (everyone takes a turn shaking it to the desired consistency!). What about a small oven to make a s'more extra gooey?

During this testing phase, the MC2 has been used for the following purposes: water tight storage box for wallet, sand castle building, sandwich carrier, fight preventative (two containers of goldfish- no need to share!), holder of small plastic creatures, small minnow tank, water hauler and container for current sock knitting project. The versatility is astounding!

The company behind this gem also makes water bottles, thermoses, other food storage containers, children's items and travel organizers. I have my sights set on their stitchless, compression dry bags to keep my gear dry on our next fishing trip! I have seen some Innate Gear at our local REI, but not their entire line.

This gear's quality is enough a reason for purchasing, but the company's motto of "Your Planet, Your Choices, Your Gear" begs you to add to your container collection. They are "supporting individuals and organizations who are dedicated to increasing awareness of protecting and preserving our natural environment through events or projects such as: preserving wild spaces, reducing our ecological footprint or ensuring clean, safe drinking water."

I give the MC2 my Alaskan Mom Approval for it's versatility, durability, tightly sealing lid bowl and beauty (the shiny bottom and blue lid are so much more appealing than those clear plastic containers). Thank you Innate Gear for letting us test this container!

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