Friday, July 15, 2011


See all the glorious products from Cocoozy!

I refuse to wear white (and not just due to that Labor Day rule I can never remember) and I never buy real glass cups.  I always break them either during use (which happens often) or during washing.  I was in gymnastics and ballet, but am a klutz when not following a routine or on stage it seems.

I simply adore the glass bottles popping into stores - the streamlined look, modern appeal and trust they seem to put in the user.  I just don't see how those millimeter thick silicone sleeves could save it from the inevitable crash that would happen with me in charge.  I do think that Cocoozy's Klever Kover could allow me to use these beautiful bottles though.

The fabric cover comes in wonderfully modern, bright and appealing patterns.  The top has six snaps so it can fit on a number of different types of bottles or cups.  It also allows you to snap it around a diaper bag strap, baby carrier or stroller handle.  I am not a flowery person and love that the robot cover makes the water bottle more appealing to me (and that is what is important, right?).

The fabric has strong seams and the snaps are quite sturdy.  Even though it wasn't dirty, I tossed it into the washing machine just for a test.  I let it air dry and there was no evidence of strings from the seams or puckering of fabric.  Wonderful!

My son liked to use the cover so his hands didn't get too hot when we had hot cocoa inside or too cold when I put ice and "sizzily drink" (Hansen's natural soda) inside.  I think it also offered some insulation to keep the beverage the intended temperature longer.  I liked that his sippy cup was easily identifiable and the "sippy cup bandits" (all playgroups have these) were easily apprehended.

They are having a great deal right now - $17.99 for a cover or just $26.99 for a cover AND Klean Kanteen 12 oz. sippy!  What a great gift for your kiddo or a baby shower?  I give this product my Alaskan Mom Approval as it helps keep my kiddo hydrated, prevents us from losing yet another bottle and also might let me jump into the wonderfully hip world of glass water bottles!  Thank you Cocoozy for letting us test out a wonderful cover.

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