Thursday, July 7, 2011


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I love using the vacuum to suck the air out of the space bags. It is such a satisfying feeling to shove all my winter coats, socks and sweaters into a bag and have it shrink down to a flat and wrinkly pancake. I could do it all day. If you like this as much as I do, just try a quilt and you will get goosebumps.

I am sure the ladies behind DiaperBuds were fans of the amazing, shrinking bag as well. They applied this same principle to diapers. While one diaper straight out of the box is quite flat and packable, a few together after a bit end up expanding and taking up too much room. The diapers also have the habit of gathering dirt, being dumped into the sink (I did it while water was running...) and having things stick to them.

This is from the DiaperBud website - DiaperBuds™ were developed by three sisters, all working moms with nine kids between them. Their need for a travel diaper that is both compact, and hygienic inspired the creation of DiaperBuds™. It may have been the time that one of them was packing for a trip and needed a whole suitcase just for diapers or another grabbed a diaper out of her bag with a lollipop stuck to it that really kicked it off!

This Bud is sealed tightly into a waterproof square. It fits easily in your palm and can be tossed into any backpack, stroller, tackle box (it fits in mine!) or purse (if only I had one!). The diaper stays clean and tidy in its protective little shell.

My kiddo played with it in the pool and it is indeed waterproof. You pull back on a little tab to open up the cocoon. I expected it to expand or pop like the tubes of biscuit dough, but it is held into shape with a small paper band. The diaper easily opens and is the size and make of a normal diaper. It isn't just a spare on par with a car's doughnut, but can be used to hold the same amount of "substance" as your normal diaper.

While they do cost a bit more than my Kirkland diapers, the portability makes up for the added price. Their website quotes a lot (26) of size 4s for $17.99 and each size has a different number of diapers (just as Kirkland has more diapers in the smaller sizes). This sounds reasonable in my book.

The diaper wasn't as squishy or solidly constructed as my usual diapers, they held up to a normal wearing time. The velcro wasn't as "sticky", but they held on during the day. The sizing was on par with my brand and my child didn't seem to notice a different diaper, except for the fun safari print! The leg areas didn't bind and the belly area didn't rub.

I think these are great for fishing, camping (such a space saver), hiking, skiing and just around town. My cloth diapering friend said she would use it to toss into the diaper bag "just in case". A father said he liked the idea so he could just use any bag for a diaper bag by tossing in a DiaperBud and a ziplock of wipes.

While I don't suggest you use these as your only diaper source, I do encourage you to think of the ways you could use a tiny, force field protected diaper. I think they would make a great gift for an active family. Instead of a box of Huggies, get them a bag of DiaperBuds! I give them my Alaskan Mom Approval for letting me take more of my own items on trips as the diapers are so much smaller, giving me a waterproof packaging and be so darn creative for thinking of this fabulous idea!

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