Sunday, July 10, 2011

Concert Comfort Blanket

Visit the concert comfort website and learn how to purchase your own!

It seems like the JJCole water resistant blanket is standard issue for new parents these days. Last week at the beach (it was a lake, but kids do swim there when it hits 60), two of my parent friends mixed up their blanket bags and one had her wallet tucked inside. Kids scamper off of the playground excited to find a new and totally contraband snack on their blanket, only to realize it is another lucky kiddo's lunch.

This would never happen if people veered away from the standard box stores and searched out smaller companies. I found Concert Comfort by chance and was so happy to find a personable, small business run by an ex-pat of Alaska (used to live in Juneau!). I have to assume that the moist climate (from NOAA - In wet years Juneau has more than 250 days of precipitation) had a part in the creation of this water blocking blanket!

The emotional investment in his blankets is evident in this statement - "Above all else, I take pride in my work! Each finished piece is made with industrial strength thread, so they're designed to last. I've personally tested my blankets at many outdoor concerts. Everyone loves sitting on them and they stake out our territory to dance!" I can't wait for the day to dance the night away on my blanket and not have the music be "Baby Beluga" (even though I actually like that one).

This blanket has a fabric top and waterproof backing layer. I wondered why the top wasn't soft fleece or waterproof material and the website gave me a wonderful answer. "Most other concert blankets are polar fleece. At a hot summer music festival your feet will sweat and as you dance get easily twisted up in the fabric." While we often don't worry about heat and sweat in Alaska, our little one often run around in water and then they do get twisted in the fleece or create a wonderful slip and slide phenomena.

Here is what our reviewer had to say about the blanket:

This is a great blanket for a myriad of outdoor adventures: simply hanging out in the backyard, going to the beach, a picnic at the park or car camping. At first glance it looks like a traditional Mexican blanket, but underneath is a durable water resistant layer. The washing directions on the tag say to handwash, which is not so practical when you have a family of laundry to keep up with. I tossed it in the wash with towels and dried it in the dryer and it came out fine, though I'm not sure what multiple washings might do. Aside from the washing directions, my only complaint that it is rather bulky. I wouldn't take it on any family expeditions where weight and size of what goes in the pack is at a premium.

Personally, I love the bright colors that do not scream "Yes, I have baby wipes you can borrow." They make me want to fill my water bottle with a little something from Margaritaville instead. The seams are bomber, size wonderful for a family (84x60) and customer service amazing. While you pay a bit more for the personal attention and service (blanket is $84) it is well worth it to support these smaller companies and leave the big box stores for the average parent. For these reasons, I give Concert Comfort blankets my Alaskan Mom Approval!

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