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Miles Outside Dehydrated Baby Food

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I dipped the spoon in tentatively and let a most minuscule bit touch my tongue. I expected to pull my lip back in a "yuck" face at any second. Interesting, I took another bite and let it mull around on my taste buds for a while. It wasn't half bad and actually it tasted rather good. There was taste and texture in this baby food! Impressive!

I heard about Miles Outside Dehydrated baby food from the Exodus Family Adventures. They said that I needed to let the parents in my group know about this great baby food. I sent out an email to Miles Outside expecting a cookie cutter reply cut and pasted from the last request they denied, but my response was quite different. I had a wonderfully pleasant, enthusiastic and personalized reply from the company. I had read their mission statement and website information and already decided I liked the developers, but their customer service sealed the deal.

The family created this product out of a need for a product not on the market. From the website, "Before we embarked on our Appalachian Trail excursion, we created a dehydrated food for babies that is easy to prepare, light to carry, and above all... nutritious and organic! Miles loved it, so we decided to share it with families just like ours." I love dehydrated meals for camping (have you tried the raspberry crumble desert on top of oatmeal for breakfast?). Nothing beats them for ease and clean up and now kiddos can have their own!

(Miles the inspiration!)

All dehydrated meals are on the pricey side, but you can get 10 packs for $20. They have five different flavors including Monkey Meal, Apple Harvest, Monkey Pudding, Picnic Outside and Day Hiker. They all are organic with millet or oatmeal and bananas or apple. Just yummy and no added preservatives or sugar.

Here is what one of our reviewers said - We just got back from a 6 day rafting trip and I got a chance to use the baby food. I got a chance to use Miles Outside dehydrated baby food on a recent camping trip. My baby loved it (he loves most foods) and it was easy to prepare. The "just add water" food was simple and seemed to rehydrate fully with just a quick dose of water. I was a little skeptical, but I tasted it and it was not crunchy at all. The small packages were perfect for one or two servings for my 7 month old. I received three flavors that were basically combinations of millet, apples and bananas. These were fine, but I would like to see more variety, especially something including vegetables of some sort (I am a bit of a stickler for trying to get veggies in my children). Overall this is a great product. I like that the food is organic and easy to prepare. It is perfect for backpacking, camping or for keeping a few in the diaper bag to pull out in a pinch.

They come in a strong plastic bag to which you add 3 ounces of water, milk or breast milk. This liquid can either be cold or hot and the top has a ziplock in case the little kiddo only wants a snack. I tried it with water and milk and we all (me and the kids) liked adding water better. It would be nice to have a little line on the bag to know how much to add, but I just used my best judgement and added until I got the desired consistency.

(the family behind the wonderful baby food!)

Another reviewer said his son loved this baby food. He brought it on their last camping trip and thought it was wonderful to have an unbreakable and easily disposable container. They used breast milk and loved the organic ingredients!

All in all, this is a great product for our fabulous niche market. Parents taking their kids on hikes or backpacking trips no longer need to bring little jars or those new squishable (and leakable) foods. Just toss in a few of these Miles foods and you are set. We just now have to convince REI or AMH to carry them in store!

I give these products my Alaskan Mom Approval as they make feeding a kiddo on the trail much easier, provide an organic and healthy meal and are created by a wonderful family! Keep some in your diaper bag and hiking pack for emergency food.

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