Thursday, June 2, 2011

Monkeyfoot Designs Wet bags

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I initially asked to review the Monkeyfoot wet bags for my cloth diapering friends. I even thought I could use it for my disposable diapers when out on the trail or camping. They are too pretty and wonderful to be sullied with diapers. I am sorry Monkeyfoot, but I have been unable to use them for their intended purpose. I got close once, but found a doggy waste bag and used that instead.

The fabrics used for these bags are modern, sturdy and suitable to many tastes. The bags I reviewed are a far cry from the usual pastel and cartoon fare of most child items. I love the flower design on the small bag and coral / chocolate on the large one. While there are not as many fabric choices on her website, the Facebook page seems to have more. This heavy duty canvas withstands toddlers tossing it down a hill, being used as an impromptu nursing seat during a hike and being used to change a squirming toddler.

The lining is not the typical PUL. It is far sturdier and less slippery feeling. The white material wipes clean with a cloth, but can be tossed into the washing machine. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich got loose in my bag somehow (I still cant figure it out) and I used my dish sponge on a stick to clean it perfectly.

I have used my small bag for a purse on girls night out, small diaper / wipe tote for hiking, snack tote, toy carrier, suit container after triathlon training and many more I am sure (except for transporting dirty diapers). I have been keeping it stocked with diapers, wipes and small disposal bags so I can toss it into any bag I want to use for my kids.

My larger bag has been filled with the suits of four people from the water park, extra clothes for fishing, snacks, coats, toys, my items that needed to stay dry on while splashing at the lake and much more (except for transporting dirty diapers). It is fantastic. It is large, but can be rolled and compact.

Here are the sizes and prices from Monkeyfoot's website

-Small bags (9" x 7"), $13.95: great for snacks, toys, wipes & make-up/toiletries! Also perfect as a cute wristlet :)
-Medium bags (9" x 11"), $16.50: perfect for toiletries, suntan lotion / bug repellent, or 2 cloth diapers and wipes when making short trips out of the house (this is the *perfect* size for dipes and wipes!). Also great for carrying your electronics / cords.
-Large bags (14" x 16"), $22.95: great for dirty children's clothes/bibs/burp cloths and for longer trips out of the house when you'll need 6-8 cloth diapers. Will also fit a pair of women's shoes up to size 9.
-X-Large bags (16" x 22"), $27.95: appropriate for overnight trips, beach bag, yoga bag, gym bag and ~ 2 days of dirty cloth diapers

My toddlers helped me test it out for waterproofness. I put a wet wash cloth inside, zipped it shut and let the kids toss it around the living room. They had quite a good time doing this and there wasn't any leakage. Superb! A fantastic bag and new toy! The designer also reports that the seams are not sewn together to prevent wicking and seepage.

I would love a rugged model for fishing, hiking and camping. The fabulous fabric would be sacrificed though! I usually can think of many interesting new features a company could add, but my mind is a blank!

I could gush on and on about these bags, but I want you to Monkeyfoot it over to her website and grab a couple. Buy them for your cloth diapering friends, for yourself and you mother. I hope you actually use them for their intended purpose too.

If you couldn't tell from the review, I give Monkeyfoot wet bags my Alaskan Mom Approval. They can keep your wet stuff inside, keep stuff inside from getting wet and be used to keep your tush dry while nursing your child. They can keep you fashionable while hiking in the backcountry or while out with your friends. Could you ask for anything more?

*Addendum- After writing the review, I was caught out and about without trashcan or doggy waste bag (I couldn't even find a zip lock). I had to use the wet bag as an, gasp, wet gag. I wrapped the diaper tightly and transported it home. It was smushed in the bottom of my backpack and everything made it home fresh as a daisy. Whew!!

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  1. I am in love with MFD wetbags, I own four and I am a cloth diapering mama. I never have any stink issues coming from my bags and I can't speak higher of MFD's customer service.

    I also 100% approve :)