Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lightspeed Shelter

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I was dubious about any tent proclaiming that set up takes seconds. I have many child toys that took thousands of seconds to assemble. I must say that it took a few seconds to get the tent out of the bag as it is a nice and tight fit. After it was freed, the shelter was up and being attacked by two toddlers within seconds.

By pulling the two cords out to your sides, the shelter pops up and the legs are straight. It is really amazing to watch and quite fun to do. There are stakes in the bag that can be used to keep it from becoming a kite. The windows easily are kept opened and flap down quickly. The floor has a flap that can lay double on the floor, fold out as a welcome mat or be affixed up to make a privacy shield.

Here are the Shelter's stats-
Length 95" (242 cm)
Width 57" (146 cm)
Height 53" (135 cm)
Weight 7lbs (3 kg)

My testing crew (two kiddos) provided amazing durability testing. It withstands a toddler running headfirst into the back of the shelter resulting in the entire thing tumbling backward. Both the tester and tent were fine. They ran circles in and out and in through the side slits of the privacy shield. I was worried the pegs and loops of nylon would pull out, but they held firm. The windows were opened and used for peek-a-boo repeatedly without problem. The kids toppled over each other and tumbled onto the sides without the poles bending. Whew! I can't believe the shelter survived!

This is a great wind block at Alaskan beaches, a nice place to let a little one sleep on a muddy fishing bank, and a private place to nurse a babe at a crowded picnic spot. It can keep the sun off a new babe and provide a corral for all of their gear. It is roomy and a family would fit comfortably. My claustrophobic father loved the head room!

This is compact enough to toss into your trunk and have room for your stroller and gear. It is light enough to throw over your shoulder and still carry a little kiddo. I easily balanced it over the top of my stroller on the way to our beach. It fit in the front section of our boat as well. I spot cleaned mud spots easily with a damp rag and I could lift the entire tent up to shake out sand and goldfish crackers.

I have a little trouble getting it back into its bag and while I never think it will fit, it always zips up in the end. It would be nice to have a little more wiggle room here though so the take down would be quicker. I also would love a rain fly option as we play outside rain or shine! The rain did bead up mostly during our rain test though!

The Lightspeed Shelter gets my Alaskan Mom Approval for its quick and easy set up (minimal crying time from needy babes), strong construction, multiple uses and how it makes an outdoor life with kids much more enjoyable!

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