Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sip N' Go

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My almost three year old son loves Bear Grylls. One of the things he has gleamed from the show is the importance of proper fluid intake. He often tells me that he is "dehydrated" and needs to be "hydrated". He will try to drink from rivers and lakes insisting it is "fresh water". I try to remember fluids whenever we leave the house, but often forget. I then am forced to buy $2.00 water so my child doesn't get "parched".

After receiving the Sip N' Go collapsible water bottle, I am never without a water container. This flexible bottle can be folded up when not in use. It fits perfectly in my diaper bag, my son's little back and even my pocket. It comes with a little carabiner for easy travel. When not in use, a little snap holds it into a small shape. The largest part is the sport bottle top.

The material is super strong and withstood my kids playing with it and poking it with a fork (not my idea, but rather good strength testing). It is BPA free and can be tossed into the dish washer. It can even be frozen so my child can have cool water on his adventures. I froze it flat and it was a perfect ice pack for my lunch bag. My 18 month old must have been teething and was chewing on the bottle. While this is not encouraged or endorsed by the company, it did not puncture and seemed to feel good for my son!

I was dubious that my son could actually drink from the sports bottle top without soaking himself. He had trouble opening it, but drank quite well. He can hold it in the stroller and sip away! My 18 month old could also drink from it, but I had to prevent him from squeezing it all out.

The bottle holds 17 ounces and is perfect for playing at the park, a picnic or short hike. The bottle comes in a pretty blue or pink and retails for 8 bucks. That is quite a steal in the world of Eco friendly water bottles. It ships flat further reducing the product's carbon footprint.

I had a hard time filling it the first time. I then found the trick was to blow into the bottle first so it inflates allowing you to get a full 17 ounces. I also have found that other sport tops fit on the bottle, but the site sells replacement caps. They also sell sleeves to prevent the condensation that forms after freezing from getting on everything else in the pack. I found a bandana works, but their products would keep the bottle cold longer. I have been keeping it in the freezer lately and used it as an ice pack after my son took a head dive into the bench!

My suggestions are to make a larger bottle so I could bring it on longer hikes. It also would be great to have a sippy top option for the little kiddo. I don't think there is a flat and foldable bottle that little one could use and that would be great. I also am a sucker for a cute water bottle (judging from my huge collection). A few patterns or different colors would be fantastic! My son said he would love one with a shark and my younger son wants one with a possum (his new favorite stuffed animal).

Sip N' Go can also print on the bottle making it a wonderful fundraising idea. Instead of forcing children to sell wrapping paper and chocolate bars (that I am forced to buy and eat), this is a great "green" option. You can also become a reseller of these bottles, just fill out a form on their website.

I give the Sip N 'Go my Alaskan Mom Approval as it helps keep families hydrated, takes up no space in your pack and can make the difference between you drinking fresh water and what Bear Grylls drinks in desert episodes!

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