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Snug Around

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From the company: It’s unique design features a lip at the bottom that hugs baby’s feet and adjustable sides so the blanket fits Snug Around™ as baby grows. Have more than one baby carrier? The Snug Around™ molds to all the popular baby carrier brands offered today. Out and about and need to breastfeed? The Snug Around™ has a flexible neck strap to perform as a privacy cover while nursing.

I was so excited when a mother on a hike forgot to bring a coat for her child. I ran up and said, "That is great!" and she looked quite confused. I then asked if she wanted to try out the Snug Around carrier cover and she seemed to understand my enthusiasm at her forgetfulness.

This cover is made of slick outside fabric that provides water and wind proofing. There are few covers that provide this protection. If you have ever hiked with your coat pulled around a babe due to cold or open to shield a kiddo from rain you understand this wonderful feature. The cover passed the water test (or the getting water poured all over it due to the help of a toddler) and there was no seepage. I also did the wind test (or the out the cover over bare skin and have a toddler hold the blow dyer) and it blocked the wind quite well.

The inner fabric is soft against the skin as well. It is a cotton and perhaps other versions could use fleece (apparently the fleece version is in production!) as it can keep you warm even if wet (due to improper adult use or improper sealing of a diaper). The casual walker probably wouldn't need to worry about this, but if you are hiking for a ways in inclement weather, this could be worrisome.

This is an amazingly versatile piece of gear. The adult can slip a loop over his neck to hold the cover on if babe is in the front, it can be tied on to the carrier straps if babe is on the back, you can tie it onto a stroller, use it as a breastfeeding cover, lay it down to change a babe and even pull it over a babe in a car seat. I am sure that I could come up with more uses if given time!

Someone asking about the cover said it would be neat if it had sort of overall straps to help it stay up in the back carry position! What an idea! I also think a little hood in a zipped pocket would be great for the kiddo.

The bottom has an elasticized shock cord so you can cinch it around the babe's feet. This feature makes it easy to adjust and use with your kiddo as they grow. Another reviewer liked to use this feature when in the stroller so their "rambunctious child" (her term, not mine) couldn't kick off his weather shell.

This can be used with any carrier, but it seems to fit best with the front and outward facing carry. It has an ingenous little kangaroo pocket for the adults hands as well. I like being able to sort of cradle my kiddo on rough terrain and this keeps my hands dry and warm!

While I have always envied the Peekaroo vest (goes over you and the babe), the carrier covers such as the Snug Around allow you to adjust temperature easier. Hiking up hills, I can take off a layer (you can do this without taking the babe out of the carrier, it just takes practice) and if the kiddo gets hot, I can take off the Snug Around. It isn't as fashionable, but it seems for functional and practical!

The retail price is $44 (compared to $50 for the Ergo carrier weather cover and $69 for the Tivoli) and is great if you have multiple carriers. It is also quite good if you are starting out and haven't purchased a stroller blanket (that is waterproof). I think that instead of buying a receiving blanket for the next baby shower, a Snug Around will be much more useful for an outdoorsy parent.

I give the Snug Around my Alaskan Mom Approval (and the two other mothers who tried it out agree). It gives you no excuse for staying inside, has many other uses and keeps your precious cargo dry and warm.

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