Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Searock

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We spend much of the summer fishing for salmon on the Susitna River in Alaska. My sons have been joining us even before they could walk. This river has few rocky banks and most are covered with silty mud. There never was a good place to let him sit and munch on goldfish or rest. I tried making a nest out of our coats or propping him up with the life jackets. Nothing seemed to contain him when needed or allow him a nice rest off of the ground. I did some researching and found the Searock baby seat and can't wait until our next fishing trip!

While this seat was crafted mainly for boats with overhead bars, this versatile seat can be hung from a tree or even your porch. The materials are made for the outdoors so you don't have to worry about setting it down in the silt or protecting it from the rain. The fabric is thick and withstands wear and tear (and testing from two wild children with sticks and a bucket of rocks). The actual seat is a molded plastic that is amazingly durable and is made to last so you can hand it down through the generations.

The seat has a four point harness that is easy for adults to use and difficult for clever children. There is a tray to hold snacks, toys or drinks as well. A bungee exits the bottom of the chair to prevent too much swaying if there is a large wake. The seat was made to hang under a boat top with strong marine grade ropes and carabiners. I can sit it on the bottom of our boat riding down the river (without buckling the straps for safety reasons) and we even have fastened it on the bench so he can sit up higher for the ride if he is awake.

I brought out the Baby Searock for my 18 month old son to try and he loved it. My two and half year old also wanted a turn and I could easily secure him with the harness. He said the seat felt "nice" and he loved the marlin embroidery. The ropes quickly and easily fastened around a tree branch. The kids loved to swing and I liked that they couldn't slip out and fall.

I would like the ropes to be adjustable so you could control the height a bit, but the simplicity of the rope system is rather nice. The single rope runs through the molded seat. Additionally, the rope feeds through the tray and it can not be completely removed (it can slide up the rope to easily let the child in and out of the seat). While this white seat looks quite sharp with the white ocean boats, the Alaska river boat crew could use a dark green

The chair retails for $130 (shipping included) and while the price is high for a child item, this thing will last. There is no way the molded plastic or marine material will fade or break. If you are a boating family, consider it an investment in your fishing future.

Thank you to see Baby Sea Rock for letting us test out this wonderful seat. I give it my Alaskan Mom Approval as it lets everyone fish (no one has to hold the kiddo), withstands the elements and is another tool to get everyone outside (and on the river!).

As with any of the products reviewed on the site, let me know if you want to try it out on your next adventure!

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