Friday, May 20, 2011

Go Baby Poncho

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From the manufacturer: With a go baby! poncho, forget about re-adjusting a harness to accommodate bulky outerwear or picking up blankets left in the road! Slip the poncho on after your baby's settled in. It may even come on and off while your baby's sleeping. Enjoy a warm, snuggly poncho with your own baby on the go!

Living in Alaska, it is impossible to have just one coat for your kiddos. I am forever layering fleece under a wind breaker or having a cold kiddo as I thought the sweatshirt would be passible. He often wraps himself in a blanket like a cape. I saw a young girl sporting a poncho and thought it might work for my boys. I found a knitting pattern and whipped one up, but it ended up being a gift. I have very open gender rules and let my children wear most any color or style they choose, but I just couldn't do the poncho on my boys.

When Go Baby sent a poncho to us, I has to find the perfect person. A mother came to the playgroup on a blustery day with a young children pulling one arm and the other holding a blanket over a little babe in a front carrier. She quickly slipped it over her head and the babe smiled (okay, well she smiled a little bit later).

Here is the mother's review-

I had never thought to use a baby poncho before I tried out a Go Baby
Poncho but I have found myself reaching for it more and more when I pack up to go out with my 5 month old daughter. It's great when we are just hanging at the park watching her big brother play or going for a walk in slightly cool weather--a nice idea for spring or fall, or even summer when a little evening breeze kicks up (which is often in Alaska!). I love it for that borderline weather and for short durations when I am getting her in and out of a carseat quickly or running errands-- it's small to stow in the diaper bag and easy to slip on and off. And of course, I have gotten many compliments on the poncho--several people asked me if I made it myself. This is a cute little product.

The manufacturer says that Go baby! ponchos are designed to fit newborns up through age 5. The ponchos measure 28 inches side-to-side and 36 inches front-to-back. We has some trouble fitting it over the head of a few two year olds, but it fit the little babe perfectly. The soft fleece comes in a wide variety of patterns from Burberry to dinosaurs and have a santa style for the holidays.

Per the manufacturer, you should "hand-wash cool. Line dry. Do not tumble dry or use iron." I am rather opposed to anything for children that you can't machine wash, but for an outerwear garnet I could change my mind. Fleece is a good option for a poncho as it still provides warmth, even if wet. The poncho retails for $29.95 and seemed well made, but it seemed to be priced a bit high. I could justify this for a gift!

My reviewer and her little baby give the poncho their Alaskan Mom (and child) Approval! Go get a Go Baby Poncho for your zebra loving babe or your stylish fringe and Burberry little girl!

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