Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Green Time Bags

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I love sneaking peeks at other carts while waiting in line at Costco. It is so amusing to see a cart with industrial sized honey, sneakers, a million dog bones and dish washer detergent. I did start thinking when almost all the shoppers were using their coupons for Ziplock bags. What a waste! Everyone of those baggies will be tossed into the trash after sealing in a sandwich or frozen meal (or reused a few times if you wash them as an unnamed person does...)

I love reusable snack bags. They allow you to keep a few of those plastic sacks out of the landfill. I pack snacks every Tuesday and Thursday for my sons and I which used to mean a sack for each sandwich, goldfish crackers and another for carrots. Whew, that adds up quickly.

Green Time sacks offer a colorful, easy and thoughtful solution! Their sandwich and snack bags are Pvc, Phthalate, lead and Bpa free allowing you peace of mind. The sandwich bags are $8.95 and "is approximately 7.5" W x 6"H. The Sandwich Bag holds an adult size sandwich or bagel. It also holds larger amounts of snacks.The outside of the bag is cotton fabric. The lining is nylon and eva fabric." (from website)

Here is what one tester said about the bags- GreenTime Bags are fantastic! As a parent deeply concerned for the state of our planet, I'm always looking for ways to cut the waste our family puts into the landfill. These bags have a lining free of chemicals to be known toxins, that allow you to put wet food in them and prevent crumbs from making their way out. They hold up well in the wash and come in adorable fabrics. I did however find a similar product on Etsy.com for a better price.

You can use these bags to keep your lunch and snacks fresh even if you make it the night before. When finished, they easily hand wash or can be tossed into the washing machine. The velcro closure is solid, but children can easily get into them for their treats. As I all all about multi use products, these can hold most anything you would like: food, toiletries, knitting supplies, small plastic fish, etc.

They also will help with fundraising. What a wonderful alternative to those fast food restaurant discount cards! They can even make baggies in your school colors!

Another tester wrote- "I can't believe how many bags I wasted before reusable snack bags. I use cloth diapers and am fanatical about recycling, but it never occurred to me to use these. I am hooked and won't go back to plastic bags again. I saw cloth napkins on their website too - never thought about that either!"

They also have reusable produce bags. I love this idea as I currently don't use a bag and my fruit rolls around the cart and the checker had to chase my potatoes along the conveyer belt. Here is what the company says about their bags- "These were made with blue tulle fabric. Lightweight so it doesn't add much weight to the fruit and you can see through so the cashier can see how much you are purchasing. After you put the fruit or vegetables in the bag, just pull the ribbon tight to close the bag or you may use twist ties to close it."

With Green Time bags, we can all do a bit more to help our lovely planet. Now if only they sold these wonderful bags at Costco we would convert the world! I give these my Alaskan Mom's Approval as they help my kids learn to be kind to nature, hold snacks that prevent child mutiny during outings and can also be used to hold the treasures we find on walks!

Get your green time bags here!

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