Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talus backseat organizer

Click here to organize your backseat!!

I knew I had an extra pair of mittens in the back of the car. I was sure they were with the water bottle, shovel and snack box that made their way back there after our last hike. They used to be corralled in the sled, but with warmer weather the sled was retired for the season.

The Talus backseat organizer is designed to sit in the back seat. There is a strap for the seat belt to affix the box to the seat. The top can flip over so children can use it as a sort of side table. My children did use it as a table inside and I can see bringing it out at a campsite or picnic. The pockets are identical on both sides, which any mother of siblings knows is very important. You can have 2 juice bottles, 2 snack cups and 2 bars (these are very necessary for our road trips).

I cleaned out the back of my SUV and after throwing away string cheese wrappers and tossing sticks and rocks back to their homes, I had a big pile. I needed items for skedaddle such as a first aid kit, wipes, chalk, shovels, disinfectant and much more. I didn't think they all would fit into the bright blue box. The inside has two adjustable walls, so you can create custom compartments. The outer pockets have different sizes and shapes.

There is a strap for carrying, but I wouldn't go long distances as it is thin. It works to get the load to the car though! The top flap is secured with heavy snaps on only one side which is great for kiddos, but I am klutzy and wouldn't mind having my load strapped in totally. The fabric is tough and durable. I spit cleaned a bit as there must have been honey on my model's hands. It cleaned up nicely. My two kids played quite roughly with it and no pockets ripped and the body stayed together even after one sat inside.

I give this my Alaskan Mom Approval as it can corral all of your outdoor gear, provide activities on approaches to hikes and will hopefully keep you from forgetting something critical (like snacks!). My drawback is the price, but it is priced well compared to other similar products. Grab one of these organizers and keep your trunk clean!

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