Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Change your child in comfort with the Dipe-n-Go!

About the creator - Rose Marie never envisioned herself as an inventor. When an unexpected job loss intertwined with motherhood and her busy life, a product idea was born!

I asked to review this product after a summer of hiking and changing my kiddos on my fleece (terribly dangerous) or a nice patch of soft moss. It seems great to stick into a pack or bag for camping trips!

Sarah took this pad cross country for a real test and here are her thoughts!

The Dipe-N-Go is a very handy diaper changing pad. The pad is pretty long, so even my 11-month old baby fit on the pad. There is a large piece of Velcro on the back of the pad so that you can attach the pad to the interior of your vehicle. I really liked this feature, even though I have not been able to test this out yet.

There are three good-sized pockets on the pad that makes storing diapers, wipes, and diaper cream super easy and accessible. It was nice to be able to pack up everything that you may need to change your baby while out and about all in one little package! Even though the pad is slightly large, it was easy to fold up and store in my diaper bag without taking up too much space.

I was concerned about the white and pastel colors on the interior of the changing pad. Have you ever tried to change a wiggly baby that has just had a huge diaper blowout? Light colors and white fabric are not a good thing! However, the brown colored "stain" actually came off of the pad without a problem. I have used other diaper changing pads in the past, but the Dipe-N-Go is now our favorite diaper changing pad.

It looks like this gets her Alaskan Mom Approval! This hand product retails for under $20.00. Go grab one and change your child in comfort on the trail!

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