Friday, April 15, 2011


It was desperate. We were at the halfway point on a ski and the boys in the pulk were whispering and I swear I heard the word, "mutiny" as they started screaming. There was poking, pulling, pushing and howls that scared all animals in a mile away. I had snacks and they weren't amused as I listed off the contents of the bag.

They did get quiet when I mentioned "hot cocoa". I quickly snapped the disc in the pad surrounding the sippy cup of cocoa (that had cooled during the ski). It didn't take long for me to pour half into the second sippy and have two pacified kids for the ski back to the house.

The Bambinoz warmer is pack filled with a solution that heats with a chemical reaction after you snap a little disc. You can reuse the pack by boiling it after use. Hypothetically, the reaction can be used indefinitely. The warmer pad comes in a tight fitting insulated tote (keeps the beverage cool until use) that can surround a normal size bottle, small stainless water bottle or sippy cup. The aforementioned cocoa got warm after about 10 minutes

. The information says it should take between 10-15 minutes to heat, so plan ahead just a bit.

The cost of this amazing item is just $16.99 and can be used for infants through toddler stage. I even could use this for a nice warm, adult beverage on a ski trip when the kiddos are no longer threatening a mutiny!

Here is a review by Sarah who actually used it for the intended purpose!

I was very impressed with this bottle warmer. I was going to be flying, alone, with my 11 month old baby and was starting to worry about how I was going to warm his bottle on the plane! Then, I was introduced to the BambinOz Bottle Warmer. No cords, no batteries, no fuss! I just had to snap a little disc, wrap the heating pad around my bottle, and place in the little insulated bag. I allowed the bottle to heat up for about 10 minutes. The water was actually pretty warm! Another time, I allowed the bottle to heat up for about 20 minutes and the water was actually hot! The heating pad is very big. We use really wide bottles, so I was somewhat concerned that our bottles would not fit in the bag or in the heating pad. The bottles fit perfectly! It was also pretty easy to recharge the heating pad. I just boiled the pad and let it cool. My only "hang-up" with this bottle warmer is that it took a really long time for the heating pad to be completely cooled and ready to use again. Next time I have a long trip, I will make sure to recharge the pad the day before I need to actually use it.

We both give this our Alaskan Mom Approval. It is an ingenious piece of gear that can be used indefinitely, can grow with your child and prevent a total child meltdown! It is well priced and sturdy (my one year old tested this factor).

Buy one for you, one for the kids and one for a gift! Shop here!

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