Thursday, April 7, 2011

PooPurse Wet Bags

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From the website -

The PooPurse Wet Bags are made by a husband and wife team. R.J. and Amanda have utilized their unique skills to get wet bags into the hands of as many moms (and dads!) as they can. Amanda creates the bags and R.J. works his magic on the computer to create a fantastic website. They have one beautiful daughter who was born in 2010.

I always have a mix of dog bones, used Kleenex and doggie clean up bags in my pockets. It is the world of being a mother and dog owner. I typically use the doggie bags to hold used diapers when we are on a hike or away from a trash can. They work fairly well, but the cost can add up as those little tie bags are a bit expensive. I also see the huge amount of plastic used when I open a trash can at the dog park.

I asked to review a few wet bags from different companies to see how they would work. I know that the cloth diapering community uses them, but I wanted a bag to contain my disposable diapers. The first bag is the PooPurse Wet Bag.

This bag can roll up and be a small tube which fits easily into my diaper bag and hiking kit. The floral pattern is much more pleasing to the eye than the brown doggie bag. To close the bag while being used, you wrap the velcro around the top. I was somewhat concerned about this and gave it a try at home. A soiled diaper was placed inside and it contained the "contents".

While the closure did work, I am hesitant to put a messy diaper in the bag and put it in the bottom of my hiking bag. I would rather have a zippered bag for this I think. Nonetheless, I would use it for my trips around town.

I did wash the bag and let it line dry without problem. I do like that even if I use disposable diapers, I can do my part to keep a bit of plastic out of the landfills. I also used it on a trip to the waterpark for our wet suits afterwards. It transported the suits without getting the rest of the bag's contents wet.

Their website is under construction, but you email her and the response is friendly and quick!

Thank you for letting us review the PooPurse!

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