Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feeder Frock

Get Your Feeder Frock Here!

It was so nice to breastfeed in Hawaii. I could discretely pull my bikini top to the side so my son could have a snack. The warm sun and cool breeze made for such a relaxing meal.

I was quite different upon our return to Alaska where winter nursing sends shivers up your stomach, cold hands grappling at your skin and layers of clothing scrunched. I always wear layers and nursing tank tops to minimize exposed flesh, but I always got a wonderful adrenalin rush from the cold air until I met Lady Laduke.

From her website - Our original creation and design to help moms cover up fully while breastfeeding in public. The Feeder Frock is the only nursing cover that allows moms to stand or move while nursing. Sometimes you have to push a stroller or chase your kids, but most importantly...your nursing cover must be "cute"!

We want other moms to know that we understand what it's like to live in a world of kids all day, and that sometimes you need something that is pretty and special, and just for you.

The Feeder Frock she made for me is amazing. The flannel is so soft and warm against my skin. While her original frock is creative genius with back coverage, she suggested a front only version as my coat would still cover my back. I just slip the neck strap with cute bow over my head and am blocked from Mother Nature's chills.

The frock has adorable pleats and a wonderful pocket that holds kleenex, keys, or a pacifier easily. The front only version has long sides that wrapped around and provided excellent coverage. The neck has boning that keeps a wide opening so you can view your child and he can see your reaction when he uses his cold hands to latch.

The styles, colors and materials are so far above any nursing cover I have ever seen. There really is no comparison. She has branched out into aprons, nursery decor, and clothing. Her new nursing garments let you nurse the child on the outside with hidden slits.

The frock washed beautifully (follow instructions on taking the boning out) and has held up to a very active nurser.

I give this frock my Alaskan Mom Approval for encouraging breastfeeding in public, keeping mothers warm and providing style to the mothers nursing trailside!

Visit the website here!

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