Friday, April 1, 2011

Hope Reusable Snack Bags

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From the wonderful mother who created these bags-

Over 15 million plastic baggies are thrown away every week. An average family spends over $250 per year on nonrenewable plastic bags.

HOPE BAGS™ reusable sandwich and snack bags have been created out of a great desire to rid my family and my community of a dependence on plastic bags.

Exterior is made from 100% cotton. The liner is a white rip-stop nylon that is lead free/BPA free and vinyl free. Velcro® keeps HOPE BAGS™ closed. There pull tab allows for clips to be added so you can attach to a backpack or diaper bag.


I bring my own bags to the grocery store, I try to use cloth towels instead of paper and I am compulsive about turning off lights. I must say that I never thought of using reusable bags for snacks and lunches. I thought cleanup would be a mess, nothing would stay inside and it would be just another "green" item that I didn't use.

I am a changed woman! I love these little bags for sandwiches, pretzels, gold fish, cookies and so much more. I have tossed these into my backpack and no jelly has escaped. One bag of fishes made its way to the bottom of the diaper bag without crumbs being found in every crevice. Amazing.

Clean up is a whiz as well. I thought it would be such a pain to clean these bags, but I was wrong. They can be tossed into the washing machine on cold without fabric softener and dried on low. I did this the first time and they came out beautiful. I then washed them by hand as it took just a second! The water beads up on the inside and with a wipe of a towel is dried immediately.

My son inherited my intolerance to low blood sugar that results in a bad mood. Consequently, I bring snacks with me every time I leave the house. I never realized the number of baggies I was using and tossing. Since I started testing these a week ago, I have used them every day (except one where we didn't leave the house!).

Pros- reusable, tight shutting, my son can open them by himself, endless uses and amazing fabrics.

Cons - you have to wash them, my son can open them by himself, and my knit gloves get stuck in the Velcro.

I give Hope Bags my Alaskan Mom Approval for being Eco-friendly, easy to use and letting me hike 20 more minutes (as my son happily retrieves a sandwich from his bag).

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