Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Piggyback Rider

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"I am so not having kids. Ever." That was the comment muttered from one teen to the other as I passed. One child was on my back in the Ergo and the other held in the front - both screaming as if I was taking them to the pits of Hades. I was actually carrying them down from a lovely hike in the mountains, but I was glad to be stemming the teen pregnancy rate at the same time.

It is crazy difficult for a parent of two kiddos, 1 and 2 years old, to get out of the house. Hiking seems like crazy talk to most, but this mama needs to get out and find some solace in the trees and mountains. It is my drug of choice to maintain the shreds of sleep deprived sanity I still have.

I saw the Piggyback Rider and begged to give it a test run. This amazing contraption is simple, effective and streamlined. Amazingly comfortable backpack style straps hold up a bar where the kiddo stands. There is a small chest harness that hooks to the straps, preventing a ground fall. The grey and orange colors are gender neutral allowing anyone to feel comfortable wearing it!

From the company - Trend-setting, go anywhere Piggyback Rider™ child carrier is a shoulder mounted foot bar for a child to stand on. With weight at your core, walk upright. Riders see more and rest! On adventures year round, parent and child bond in active transport.

I tried it around the house first and older brother loved it. It was easy for me to slip into and he had no difficulties stepping onto the bar and riding around the living room. I then put little brother in the Ergo on my back and then had big brother "ride the bar." This worked with the Piggyback straps underneath the Ergo. They both just shifted to a side and we ran around for a bit longer.It worked better with little brother in front through.

My son has some trouble balancing when he gets tired, but otherwise it is a great way to let him run and rest for a bit. Even though it was advised against in the direction, my son did sit on the bar for a bit! It is easy to adjust the adult fit and simple to raise or lower the standing bar. There are add ons such as a water bottle holder as well. My son loves to be "so high" and better able to spot moose and bear!

Besides the wonderful look of the bag (orange, modern and industrial), it is ingenious. You can carry the rider inside and then hook it onto the rider to carry your treasures. The straps let it tighten up or hang loose like a messenger bag. The age old problem of whether to carry your children or your purchases is over!

I would love to see a small "bum strap" that he could lean back against and let him rest his legs. The adult harness is so darn comfortable, it seems there are a million ways to use it further. Perhaps a small pouch could hang off the front for a little babe or just use the harness for a full on toddler pack. This is where I usually say that the price is a bit steep, but I think that the $79.99 price is well placed.

The Piggyback Rider gets my Alaskan Mom Approval (it also gets the Alaskan Son Approval as well). I can hike the mountains with my two kids and carry them both home when the mountain air and tall trees tired them out totally! Go grab one of these and let your kiddos, "ride the bar!"

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  1. Looks amazing! I bet that it is fun for the kids to be so tall.