Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Puddle Gear

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From the company-

In Puddlegear, toddler and baby raingear- children can play outside feeling warm, unrestricted and dry in their PVC and Phthalate free rainwear - certified by oko - tex to be free of over 100 harmful chemicals.

Puddlegear rainwear is soft and flexible, breathable, wind and water proof, safe with specific designs to keep your kids safe on the playground and in nature, very durable, flexible in all 4 seasons, and best of all it absolutely adorable and very cool! We have styles to fit every kind of player, onepiece raingear, bib rainpants, fireman rainjackets, and mitts! Great sailing raingear! Kids teachers and parents agree that when kids need to be dry - Puddlegear raingear is fantastic.

Alaskans are lucky enough to have five seasons. We get a long Winter, mild Summer, brisk Spring and a quick Fall. Our special fifth season is called Break Up. It starts when warm weather begins to thaw the snow pack and people begin to shovel their lawns.

Rivers flow along streets, lakes form at intersections and store shelves are cleared of kid's rubber boots. It is a natural waterpark without an admission charge. Water fills boots, children yip with glee and cheeks get red. The lucky kids have gear letting them stay out for hours, while other kids tromp home with wet pants.

The Puddle Gear let my kiddo play for a seemingly endless time. He ran through puddles, got fully soaked by a helpful brother and sat down for some fishing. Water beaded up on the fabric and he was dry from head to toe. Little brother wore the pants ice fishing and didn't wet when he sat in the hole (it was small and he didn't go anywhere). The coat also fit both kids and gave a windproof barrier on a chilly day.

The pants have suspenders allowing a long life for the pants and stirrups to help keep on the boots. The reinforced bum and knees are great for children that explore and examine. The hood is elasticized keeping it on his head and has soft fleece around the chin. The bottom of the coat is a bit elasticized as well keeping it snug. The waterproof mittens are fabulous for cold and wet days. The simple elastic with a snap is easy to put on and keep them on wriggly hands.

The kids also tested durability inside the house. They pulled on the straps and used the coat as a fishing net with no problems. I wanted to see how they washed, but the water just hosed off under the sink. The shrimp bait from our fishing adventure also wiped off easily.

I love this gear. It can grow with the boys, keep them dry and warm during all five of our seasons. The company also makes the ever popular rain suits. I wholeheartedly give the Puddle Gear my Alaskan Mom Approval as it is the most water tight gear for active kids we have experienced.

My children are modeling the Olle Pants ($59), Albin Jacket ($63) and Mittens ($27). The company said that nature schools had these down through the classes, so while the price might seems steep, these last and last!

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