Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spork Littles

Sporks! Learn all about Sporks here!

I love my Spork. It helped me eat Curry in Red Rocks, homemade granola in Whitehorse, a fabulous chocolate, marshmallow concoction in Arkansas and much more. It travelled in the bottom of my pack and was ready for eating with a wipe of my sleeve. It survived me stepping on it and even being used as an impromptu ice scraper. I love my Spork!

I love that they down sized it for kiddos. I hope my boys love their Spork Littles too! The company says that "the Light My Fire Spork little has been designed from the ground up for infants and toddlers...it’s thicker and rounder for ease of use and safety. The serrated edges have also been removed to protect small mouths."

My younger son didn't quite know which side to use at first. He used the spoon, turned it over for the fork and then back again. It fit in both kiddo's hands nicely as they ate. While it did get a little messy with all of their switching from spoon to fork, they easily figured out this one implement could both stab and scoop!

I let them both play with their spork to test the durability. It held up quite well to their digging in the sand, being used as a fishing pole and also as a paddle (it did not do well in this area of testing). The Spork Little didn't break or shatter. Woo woo. I easily washed them by hand, but they can be tossed into the dishwasher. In a pinch, you could also stir the meal with it as it is heat resistant.

You can get a three pack for about $7.00 which is a great price for child eating utensils. The colors are "civilized" and a far cry from the cartoon adorned forks often seen. While I only use my spork while camping, I am keeping a spork little in my diaper bag for impromptu meals. I will always be ready for that celebratory gellato or breakfast to prevent totally toddler meltdown.

I give the Spork Little my Alaskan Mom Approval for its durability, usefulness, lack of cartoon characters and ability to be used throughout my children's camping and backpacking careers. If you are curious, head to their website to see their uber cool products such as lanterns, spill free cups and fire starters (I have one of these too!)

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