Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gotta hava hat!

I was thinking that I could just use pictures for this review as these hats are so darn cute, but these hats do more than make your kiddo uber-adorable. (the one above has a little bell in the tail!)

The fabric is warm, soft and sturdy. While some fleece hats let even the slightest breeze through, these hats keep ears toasty warm on windy days. The construction is solid with strong seams that hide itchy areas. The styles range from ear flap hats to pill box styles and cute jester hats. There is such a wide range of fabrics that even the pickiest child can have a suitable hat.

The two styles my boys are modeling have ties to keep them tight over the ears. I love that the ties are long enough to make a proper bow. The fabric has stretch so they will last for more than one winter. I have layered a hood underneath for extra warmth when it dips below zero. I like that they are not bulky and can fit under a hood as well.

This would make a wonderful gift with a little toy tucked inside!  I also would love to convince my family to get a matching set of the long jester caps for a Christmas Card picture!

The child's hats cost between $15 and $20, which is a steal for a quality, handmade hat. This link show you the line of fabrics you can choose from for your hat. I love the lack of cartoon characters and a focus on modern, timeless designs.

The owner makes all the items on the website by hand. There are adult hats, summer hats, and I would love to get some of the cozy fleece socks ($17 child and adult sizes).

Here is Susie of Gotta Hava Hat who makes all the hats herself!

These hats are most definitely Alaskan Mom Approved. They are durable, functional, stylish and warm. The hats keep my boys warm and let us play outside longer on cold Alaskan days!

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