Wednesday, February 23, 2011


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First time nursers often getting scratched, poked, pulled and chapped in the most tender places. I would have welcomed this soft and smooth pad after my first nursing experience. I pulled open the wrapper and was amazed by the cushy comfort. Bamboo makes the softest fabric with the breathability of cotton, but it wicks with a smooth material. I am sure you have felt the bamboo shirts - now just imagine your chaffed and sore areas in a bamboo blanket.

For those mothers in cold climates, these are a welcomed layer between bra and thermal shirt. It is so therapeutic to get outside and active soon after a new baby is born. If you are in a cold climate, the rubbing can be excruciating. The soft bamboo provides a smooth cushion allowing you get out more comfortably!

You can purchase 4 pairs for $29.00 and if you compare this to the cost of disposables, the savings are clear.

The company states that the Bamboobies are "unique because they are softer and waterproof aka "milk-proof," Bamboobies are the new choice for breastfeeding mothers who want a washable nursing pad that doesn't show through clothes."

Here is what one mother said about the overnight Bamboobies- "I've been trying the Bamboobis and I would give them a 31/2 out of 5. They stop the minor leeks but if you wear a silky bra they slide down and don't stay in place. If you wear cotton that's not a problem though. If you have something on that's form fitting you can see them in your bra also. They were comfortable and very soft on the skin."

Another said they were so much better than the disposables for comfort. She reported they stopped leaks and were easy to use. She also mentioned that they worked best with a cotton bra. The day use Bamboobies didn't show through her clothing, but she would still wear them if they did as they were so soft!

You should also check out their butterfly wrap that can be a shirt, wrap or skirt!

I give these my Alaskan Mom Approval as they help nursing mothers, give extra warmth to sore nipples on hikes and have the most wonderful name! Bamboobies!

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