Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cocoon Baby Carrier

$29-39, light, warm weather and rain cover

Merchant SKU: CB-101-FP
Suggested Age 0-18 months
Front pocket offers convenient storage for small baby articles
Convenient strap to attach pacifier
100% Soft Polyester
Machine Washable

TWO REVIEWS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE (one from me and another by Amanda)

My family knows I have an issue with "exposed flesh". It just is terrible to see a child being carrier or in a carrier with his pants up around his knees. The Cocoon Baby lets my family carry the kiddo without fear of reprimand! This is an elasticized fleece shell covering the child from shoulder to toe.

I put my large 15 month old into the front carry position of the Ergo and pushed his feet into the bottom of the shell. I pulled it up over his shoulders and then had to pull tightly to get the little strap under the child, but it worked. He seemed happy and the cocoon held his feet closer to my body, which he enjoys.

I then tried to get it on with the Ergo in the back carry position. I needed help to get him into the fleece shell with him on my back. Without instruction, my mother figured out how to get him inside. She also found it a little difficult to get the strap under the child and to the other side of the cocoon. In no time at all, the kiddo was cozy and snug on my back.

I like not having to worry about his flesh being exposed to the elements. It also is great to not have to put him in his snow pants for a little hike. I can have him in his winter coat and just use the cocoon over his legs. For a bit extra room, I turned the cocoon sideways and just stretched it over his legs.

You know I love to use products in new ways for which they are not intended. My child liked to just lay inside the cocoon on the floor as a type of large, fleece womb. It also worked to cover him while in the car seat. I just put it over his legs and affixed the strap around his waist.

I would like the strap to have a snap instead of the velcro. Perhaps the strap could have the ability to lengthen or shorten as well. Other than that, this is a great cover. It isn't only for one carrier and can be used with different types. I give this my Approval as it can keep a child warm, be used until the child is at least 15 months and is reasonably priced at $30.

Cocoon Baby Carrier Review by Amanda

With my almost one year old and Ergo in tow, we set off for the airport. It was the perfect opportunity to test it.

I am forever putting a blanket or jacket on my son depending on the climate. I was happy to be able to have something to zip out and cover him with on the go if it got chilly (which it most certainly did!).

With an Ergo, however, his leg/foot position were somewhat of a hardship in actually getting the cocoon on. A little shimmying and stuffing definitely was necessary to make things work. The attachment strap was not an option; it was far too short to be utilize. I love the idea to keep it more secure-- again, the Ergo's wide berth made it impossible.

Because of the aforementioned stuffing, it stayed on well through harried running through airport terminals. It was also very helpful and convenient to use as a cover on the plane without having to dig through my bag. Overall, it was convenient and quick for indoor use.

Outdoors is another story entirely. Again, the design is rather unforgiving of larger baby carriers and swinging feet. Because of that, my sons arms could only comfortably be outside the cocoon. This was definitely not ideal for hiking in Alaska! Another garnet was absolutely necessary in order to keep him warm and drafts at bay. Perhaps with another carrier (Bjorn, etc) or smaller baby it would work better.

To review:

- convenient for chilly indoor use
- stays put relatively well without strap use
- keeps hands free from holding a blanket
- easy to stow/carry

- not good for taller/larger babies or toddlers
- Ergobaby carriers do not seem to fit with the cocoon's overall design
- difficult to place child into (could have been my carrier position)
- not inclusive enough of all appendages for outdoor use/must use WITH other gear
- seems better suited for milder outdoor climates

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