Monday, February 14, 2011

EIO cup

From the website:

The Kids Cup is a spout-free, valve-free cup made without BPA, Phthalates and PVC, and is designed to transition young children properly from bottles to real glass dinnerware. Sippy cup spouts and valves necessitate a bottle-like sucking motion, but EIO’s unique cap promotes correct sipping, quickly and with less mess!

"Drink from the smile," I told my son. He looked at the lid, found the opening that looked like a happy mouth and drank. There was a little dribble down his shirt, but it might be genetic (I should use an adult bib at meals). This system is a lid that screws onto a mason jar that has a silicone sleeve.

I must say I didn't like this cup when it first arrived. I filled it with milk and gave it to my son with no direction. He couldn't figure out how to get the liquid. While this cup isn't intuitive for a child, they can learn (see aforementioned smile story) to drink from it. I also thought it would be too heavy, but my son doesn't seem to mind.

This isn't a sippy cup for travel, walking around the house or the park. It is a perfect cup that mimics adults beverage ware. I dislike cartoons and plastics, so the simple design is perfect. The lid is one piece without a straw or valve to clean. The jar and sleeve can go directly into the dishwasher. The opening is said to allow smoothies through where typical sippy cups do not.

I did a drop test from the counter onto linoleum and it didn't break. The lid is sturdy and didn't show bite marks from my younger son. The sleeve did get dirty from use, but was easily cleaned. It does leak when on its side, but the creator indicates it is a teaching tool for good drinking habits.

I would recommend this cup as tableware. It is a great eco-conscious item that also is budget friendly. The jars can be reused when the child ages out of the sippy top. Thank you EIO for letting us test out this cup!

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