Tuesday, February 8, 2011


From the Manufacturers:

Dr. Dad and Nurse Mom bring you baby Medbasics. Your baby is choking. Do you know what to do? Does your baby sitter? Created by a doctor who's also a dad and a nurse who's also a mom, baby Medbasics turns your moments of panic into moments of action. After having to save their own son from choking, the founders of Medbasics realized that part of loving any baby means knowing what to do during an emergency and making sure everyone who cares for him or her does the same. With brightly color-coded tabs, spiral binding, simple instructions and illustrations, you'll be able to handle choking, CPR, bleeding, fever emergencies and more. Super-portable and compact, this guide goes everywhere your baby goes. If you're on an airplane, no problem; at the park, you're covered. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Know more, worry less with baby Medbasics.

I am quite lucky to have a pediatrician whenever I need him, night or day (he is my father). I have taken courses in first aid, CPR, rescue and Wilderness First Aid. Nonetheless, it is hard to keep your cool when your own child is injured and screaming. That look of terror and confusion is enough to push any parent over the edge of reason!

This is exactly what the Hermanns felt and why they created this reference book. The first page of the book is for you to list phone numbers, addresses, allergies and has 911 listed (many people forget this number in emergencies). It then takes you through different situations with flow charts, tips and prevention suggestions. The chapters are CPR, choking, fever, bleeding, burns and poison. It is aimed at children from birth to one year old.

I found the information correct, except for the newly updated CPR guidelines for just focusing on chest compressions (http://www.webmd.com/news/20101015/new-cpr-guidelines-chest-compressions-first).

I would suggest going through the book before you need to use it. The charts might be hard to follow if you haven't looked at them. The case is easy to open and chapters are clearly marked. The travel version has a ring for attaching to a stroller, bag or car door. The home version is larger and has a handle that makes it easy to grab. It comes in a variety of colors, but the red would be my choice as it is easy to see in an emergency.

The price is $25 for the travel version and this is a bit off-putting for me. While most of the information is available on the internet, it isn't in a weather proof binder with a clip and magnetic closure. When offered the chance to receive a Medbasics book, no parent refused. It seems all parents feel unprepared for their child to be injured or in danger. This makes the price worthwhile.

This would be a wonderful gift for a first time parent, anxious father or accident prone mother. It could be combined with a first aid kit as a package. Even if you don't want to purchase this for yourself, please prepare for the unexpected cut, burn or choke. It will happen. Medbasics's slogan is" Knowledge = Love" and I wholeheartedly agree.

I approve of this product as it helps to prepare parents for emergencies. Their blog also has great safety information and tips, such as the list of 20 essentials for your first aid kit (http://babymedbasics.blogspot.com). It also looks like they have an app for this as well!

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