Friday, February 18, 2011

Polar Baby Gear

"He looks like a raven," and the younger son replied, "Kaw, Kaw!" and flapped his wings. Yes, the poncho did make my son resemble a mini-bird man in a way. I happen to think it is adorable though! He is so stylish when paired with matching black pants too.

The poncho and pants are made from Polartec. If you play outside with your kiddos, you most likely know of this material. It is breathable, water beads up on the fabric, is warm and helps block wind. The pants have an elasticized waist and toddies at the feet. I am a fan of toggles at the waist too, but I am picky. The 12 month old size fit my 15 month old who weighs about 26 pounds (I have large kids) with room to spare.

The 12 month poncho also fits, but his big head makes a tight squeeze. It has a hood that actually stays on his head. There is a toggle at the neck as well. This would be perfect as a top layer on a cool morning hike or to keep him dry on a hike while in the pack.  It was in the teens and my son had fleece pants with the polartec pants over the top and he was warm and dry!

I like that it allows freedom of movement and provides me easy access to him (to check the diaper...). The combination of poncho and pants provides warmth and protection from the elements. (see how water beads up on the fabric)

I was drawn to Baby Polar Gear for their wrap mittens. They are flat, allowing easy entry and thumb insertion. They close with Velcro tightly preventing hands from wriggling free. My son lov that he can fish with these fleece mitts and I don't mind taking them on and off repeatedly. I do think that they could be a few inches longer to prevent snow from sneaking into his cuff. The fleece is warm and cocoa washes out of them perfectly.


Here is another review of the infant mitts by Sarah H.-

I really like these wrap mittens. I have a very fidgety nine-month old little boy who does not like anything put on his body, especially mittens! The wide opening on the mittens makes it super easy to "slide" these on the baby's hands. Then, the velcro makes it quick and easy to secure the mittens in place! When I perfectly secured the mittens, my baby could not remove them from his hands! This was amazing! Now, when I we go on hikes in the winter, I don't have to worry about losing mittens or my babe's hands getting cold along the trail! The only feature I would like to see changed about this product is that the mittens were a little longer. The mittens only cover the hand, but I think it would be super beneficial if the mittens covered the wrist, as well. These mittens are now a very important part of our daily winter gear attire.


This is wonderful gear from a company with fabulous customer service. Their emails were friendly and helpful, making me want to know more about this company! I also love this little fleece wrap!

Each piece ONLY $34.99 / pants or poncho
ONLY $14.95 / mittens

I give Baby Polar Gear my Alaskan Mom Approval for their intelligently designed gear made from quality fabric that will protect kids from the elements, allowing parents to play more!

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