Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snuggle boo

By Jamie

Being in Alaska in the winter makes for cold trips to and from the car with little ones. There are several things you can use to keep those babies warm. I found the Snuggleboo works the best. People ask me where I got it all the time. It's fleece and you get to pick from many cute patterns. I used to have a fleece covering that laid flat, but I didnt like the way it layed on my son's face. If I wanted to peek in, I would allow light in and wake him up. The Snuggleboo is great because it acts like a tent. I can lift the flap and not wake my little one. It acts as a barrier when you don't want people to see your baby, whether they are sleeping or you don't want peoples gems on them.

It keeps my baby very warm, I don't have to put a jacket, hat and gloves on her. I just put a small blanket over her and it keeps her warm to and from the car. In fact she gets hot in the car so I have to make sure the cover is up. You can also order in cotton for the summer. I am still able to carry the car seat on my arm and there are magnets to keep the flap closed on windy days. It is locally made from a mother of four.

You can order them here!  This product gets the AK Mom Appoved stamp from me!

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