Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chillout Blankets

"I'm cold. I want to drink hot chocolate on the hot air balloon." To explain, we were sledding and my son wanted to have a snack sitting on our Chillout Blanket that has hot air balloon fleece. The blanket was the perfect ground cover for our winter warm up picnic!

After seeing pictures on their blog of soccer players staying warm under these blankets, I asked to give them a try up North. I saw its uses beyond watching sports and picnics. I envisioned it keeping my kiddos dry while they were in the stroller on a rainy day or being a soft cushion under my child being changed while at a park. These both worked out perfectly!

This blanket was created by a cold and brilliant mother: "The mother of 8 children (who spent too many years freezing to death along side the playing fields of Northern Ohio) Nancy vowed to to create the "Ultimate" sports blanket to keep herself warm." It comes in every color you can imagine from plaids to zebra stripes. The vinyl can be embroidered with names, dates, logos or "you name it! Just send us you request and we'll work with you to get the design finalizes just as you envision it."

There are three sizes Small (36" x 51"), Regular (54" x 68"), XL (54" x 80). I have the small and it covers my kiddos in the sled, has space for all three of us to sit and covers them both in the double stroller. I can only imagine watching my children playing baseball (there is often snow on the fields for the start of the season) as I sit toasty warm wrapped head to toe in the XL version!

I thought the waterproof vinyl would crack in the cold, but it just got stiff at -7 degrees. I also thought that it wouldn't wash well, but the aforementioned cocoa came out quite well. The blanket looks good as new after a wash cycle and being hung dry. It kept the kids dry as they sat it on for a picnic. The warmth is impressive as well with it providing a wind barrier and insulating with the fleece.

I give it a hearty Alaskan Mom Approval for it's variety of uses, durability and warmth!

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