Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tram Bars

Play good, eat good, live better.

"I want a bar. Not that kind, the other new bar." My son knows what he likes and he likes Tram bars! I really can't blame him for not wanting the generic oat and chocolate chip bars he used to eat. They are so sad when compared with the Trams.

The Trams are bars of substance. I can cut them in half (lengthwise) and they still hold their shape. You can taste the healthy bits of seeds and nuts, but it doesn't leave that "health bar trying to taste like chocolate" flavor. It is good. They can be tossed into a pack without getting flattened beyond recognition. They can be frozen and thawed to eat later as well.

Kate sent us three kind of bars and they all were delicious. My son most enjoyed the original bar with peanut butter, oats, seeds and chocolate. It was so good that he chewed and chewed on it when it was almost frozen from falling in the snow so many times. The bar keeps him full and can be used a bribery - "if you run all the way to the car, you can have your Tram!" I also feel good about using it as an incentive as I can say (and spell) every ingredient.

Kate's mission is "to provide people with delicious, real food products; grow, promote and support outdoor play; and support sustainable organic farming practices." How many granola bar companies try to do that?

The Grizzly Bar adds dried banana, apricot and raisin to the mix. I am not a fan of fruit in my bars, by my one year old loved grabbing nibbles of this. It easily washed off his hands and kept him entertained through snack time! The Caz Bar appeals to a bit more adult pallette, but my kids still enjoy it. It is warm, spicy and is a great departure from the typical bar flavors.

These bars get my Alaskan Mom Approval as they taste good, are healthy snacks and are enjoyed by the whole family (yes, the dog even enjoyed the bit my younger son gave her). They are sturdy, substantial and can be sent directly to your house!

I think this is the best way to get a good Tram experience for $21 you can get six bars shipped to your doorstep!  KATE'S COCKTAILS

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