Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nausea Be Gone

Review for AL DI LA Anti-Nausea Spritz

Contains the Hydrosols of Ginger, Melissa, Neroli, Rose and other essential oils to help alleviate the symptoms of nausea during pregnancy. Spray room 3 to 4 times for inhalation and can also spray the bottoms of the feet, wrists, neck and face. ($20) 2 oz. bottle. Store in a cool place and roll to reblend the oils.

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Let me start by saying that morning sickness has been a completely debilitating, exhausting experience for me both physically and mentally. I have been on a rampage trying any and every known or hypothesized remedy with an open mind and hopeful spirits.

Needless to say that I was excited to try something that I’ve never heard of before: anti-nausea spritz! I received this in the mail from my sister without any information and immediately opened the package and sprayed the spritz directly into my mouth. Not bad. Another spray in the mouth. Not bad, at all.

I then talked to my sister and she said that the product information said to “Spray the room 3-4 times for inhalation” or to “spray the bottoms of the feet, writsts, neck and face.” Oops! It is pretty amazing that the spritz not only smells delicious, but actually tastes pretty good (although I don’t recommend this, since it is not what the product specifies).

Overall, the spritz is actually quite soothing. I have taken to spraying it while at work during those moments where I really do not want to run to the bathroom. It reminds me to calm down and just take a few deep breaths of the relaxing aroma. I will be clear that it did not cure my ailments, but the delicate smells of rose and ginger definitely helped clear my mind and remember to relax and take it all in one breath at a time!

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