Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mommy Mitten

I fully intended to pass this item out to one of the review crew, but after hitting the trail in subzero temperatures, this mommy is keeping her mitten. It seems like a rather silly idea. A sort of muffler for your hands while pushing the stroller. Why not just wear mittens? I had mittens, but my fingers always got cold gripping the stroller bar. This mitten allowed me to have toasty fingers the whole trip!

I was so impressed that I let a friend try it out after we turned around on the trail. She loved the wind proofed barrier and extra layer of warmth. I had to remind her to give it back when we got to our cars...

On another hike, I let another mom strap the mommy mitten onto her stroller. The mother said she felt "fancy" and like it was a "muff." Again, she said it kept her hands warm and that she liked being able to wear a thinner glove so she could adjust the kiddo more easily.

There are three areas of strong Velcro allowing it adhere tightly, but be removed easily. I could still use the stroller brake and steer without problem. The little pocket held my keys and spare hand warmer packets. I also wonder if it could be unfolded and used as an impromptu changing pad...

(the mommy mitten keeping me warm at -7)

The glove has fleece inside and I can't wait until the spring when I can have naked hands in the mitten! The water resistant outer will be nice to keep my hands dry for those days when I run in the rain if only to get my kids to take a nap! I can zip my iPod into the handy pocket and keep my fingers ready to find my power song for that extra oomph to get home when the kids start screaming.

From the website:

Outer layer - 50% Polyester, 50% PU
Insulating core - 100% Polyester
Inner layer (comes in contact with your hands) - 100% Polyester fleece in Pink or Aqua

The BOB and Chariot strollers can be used almost year round in Alaska. The Mommy Mitten provides the extra layer of warmth and protection so time in the outdoors is much more pleasant. I will use this all year as Mother Nature gives us many cool days in the summer, crisp fall days, slushy springs and cold winters.

The Mitten sells for $29 and comes with either pink or bright aqua blue fleece inside. I always wonder about a useful gift for the new active mother and how wonderful of a baby shower gift would this be? Use the link above so you can order one for yourself or your mom friend with cold fingers. Fathers can also use it and turn it upside down so the Mommy Mitten logo doesn't show and cause undue embarrassment.

The Mommy Mitten gets Alaskan Mom Approved for its durable construction, all season usefulness and warmth!

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