Tuesday, January 25, 2011

munchie mug

A precision machinist by trade, dedicated inventor, grandfather, and science enthusist - Phil was having trouble keeping his car clean with 8 grandchildren constantly snacking in between visits. So Phil, with the help of a close family friend and fellow frustrated Grandpa, Mike Tuhtan - Munchie Mug was born

$15.95 each


By Emily Satake

I have a one year old and the Munchie Mug has proven to be a great snack container for my daughter. I really like that it is larger than most snack containers because you are able to fill it up at the beginning of the week and it lasts for several days without having to refill it and the snacks stay fresh in the container. The Munchie Mug washes well and my daughter likes the soft opening because it does not scratch her hand when she is eating her snack. I highly recommend the Munchie Mug and think it is the perfect gift for any new mom.

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