Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buttercup and Jake


Buttercup & Jake Cocoa Calendula Balm

This buttery balm gently soothes and protects dry, irritated skin with the wonderful chocolaty fragrance of organic cocoa butter and organic vanilla beans. Great for winter chapped cheeks, noses and hands. Expectant mommies that like to rub it on their tummies, too. Made with golden Calendula flower oil - locally and sustainably produced in the Hudson Valley - it's truly all-natural, preservative-free and 86% organic.

We searched near and far to find the finest, safest, most natural ingredients to help our daughter's dry itchy skin feel better. Some were right in our backyard - like soothing calendula and honey - grown and harvested by local farmers and beekeepers. Others we gathered from special sunny places, like Italy, where our organic olive oils and waxes are grown.


By Penny

The skin care stuff you gave me is great. It smells wonderful and seems to work good on Rowan's frost nip and very chapped lips. I love the sample sizes for her--we put them in "her" bathroom drawer and she is very proud of them. The funniest thing is that their motto is "so safe you could eat it", and of course the first time I put it on her she grabbed it out of my hand, dipped her finger in the lotion and ate it, saying afterword "mmmmmm, I like it!"

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