Tuesday, January 25, 2011

101 Dutch Oven!

101 Things to do with a Dutch Oven, Vernon Winterton, Gibbs 2006

As a founding member of the Greater Wasatch Dutch Oven Society, Vernon knows his way around a dutch oven. This spiral bound guide has an amazing number of recipes in the categories of breakfast, breads, main course, sides, soups and desserts. It also has a great introduction with helpful hints such as, "take the size of your dutch oven, double it and that is the number of coals needed to reach 350 degrees." Who knew?

Some of my favorites are JalapeƱo Cheese Bread, Teriyaki Chicken made with lemon lime soda, a pie made with lemon heads candy and Smacos (s'mores tacos!) My meat eating uncles would love Mountain Man Breakfast with sausage, hash browns, sour cream, eggs and cheese. My older sister would love waking up from camping to an oven filled with warm Sticky Buns!

This is the first camping cookbook with recipes I would like to cook at home. Thankfully, Vernon provides tips on how to make these in your oven! The wide variety recipes all have easily gathered ingredients, clear directions and helpful hints. It takes the mystique out of Dutch Ovens!

This book will be a great reference for my own outdoor cooking adventures. I can find recipes for both myself (a vegetarian) and my kiddos. I recommend this book to rafting guides, car campers and people running a fish camp. My little sister already is planning her menus from this book so she will be the envy of the campers around her at Burning Man!

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