Friday, December 17, 2010

Safety Tattoos

The contents of the pouch

How cute does it look with his coat?

His coat is bright, but look at all the tall people ready to run!!

I tried out these cute tattoos at a community footrace here in Anchorage. There were over 900 people on a field and thought if I were to loose track of my kiddo, he could get trampled (ala running of the bulls).

Application: the little packet comes compete with alcohol wipe for cleaning the skin, sticker tattoo, pen and instructions.

I wiped my kiddos's arm clean with the wipe and peeled off a sticker that matched his coat. I then pressed it onto his forearm for the allotted 20 seconds, peeled off the backing and he was tagged. It was quite easy! The pen easily writes on the tattoo and didn't smudge. I then let the tattooed child hold the pen while I put the items away (apparently, he immediately opened the pen and wrote all over his arm and sticker - the alcohol wipes took care of the large black swirls on his arm in no time!)

Removal: The information states they can stay on up to 2 weeks, but I wanted to see how it came off. I pulled up a little corner and then braced myself for the bandaid removal scream. He said it didn't hurt at all! Whew!

Pros: Easy to use, looks cute and you get piece of mind.
Cons: Pen needs a safety cap (or just should not be given to a dexterous 2 year old) and difficulty finding location that would be easily found under winter clothing.

Other uses: for a middle schooler's locker combination, good luck note for first day of school, note about food allergies, note of medical condition or to remind the child where to meet if separated. I think the uses are endless as this is basically a little (safe) surface on which to write!

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