Friday, December 17, 2010

Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids

Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids: A Guide to Getting Your Kids Active in the Great Outdoors by Eugene Buchanan and published by Heliconia Press

-Sections on bicycling, snowsports, camping, hiking / backpacking, jogging, paddling, climbing, fishing and swimming.

This book combines great information, personal stories (how he and his wife used a point system and would trade each other “freedom” points for being able to go out and do their outdoor pursuits after the baby was born), and humor.  The writing style is easy and smooth, which comes from the author’s career as a reporter and writer for magazines.  It has wonderful tips for skiing, rock climbing and fishing (a small bit on surfing is even included!) which are often skipped over when dealing with children and the outdoors.  I enjoyed the “20 Tips from Real Rafter Mothers” and nordic ski "Hut Trip Tips and Games."  Cartoons are interspersed with specifics illustrating real world situations (i.e., a father on a bike with one child on a tag-a-long and another behind in a trailer whipping for more speed.)  The amount of information on gear, types of trips and how to teach your children is amazing.  After reading this book, there is no excuse for staying away from any outdoor pursuit you loved pre-baby.  You have all the information you need to take your child on a multiday rafting trip or snowboarding at your favorite resort.

This reference would be right at home between Dr. Spears and The Guide to the First Years.  It would be used quite readily by anyone who enjoys being active outdoors.  It would make a great shower gift or first birthday present (it is for the child’s benefit after all and does the child really need another stuffed animal?)  Until you are able to grab yourself a copy, you can try and win one below!  Good Luck!

If you order one a copy through this website, you receive a free child's buff!

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