Friday, December 17, 2010

Kowalli Carrier Cover

Kowalli Carrier Cover

It was one of those mornings - honey toast stuck to babe's head, my beloved Peppermint Chai spilled on outfit number two of the day and big brother walked through the deep snow getting pants, socks and boots wet before we even left.

We got on the road and I realized little kiddo only was wearing a light fleece jacket. I was going to wrap him in a blanket, but found the Kowalli carrier cover I threw in yesterday. I strapped kiddo into the Ergo and pulled the Kowalli over us both. It covered him from neck to toe - well actually over his toes. Warm baby!

Halfway up the stairs a woman stopped me and said, "that cover is so cool!" I haven't been cool in quite a long time, if ever. I might just wear this even if I am not carrying a kid!

From the Kowalli website:

For parents who carry their baby in a baby carrier, on front, back, or in hip carry, or in a sling or wrap, the Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover offers an innovative solution. Forget the uncooperative blankets and the oversized coats! The Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover keeps you and baby warm and close – fall, winter, and spring. Throw it on, cinch it, and go! So simple, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.

I had some trouble figuring out how to wear the Kowalli the first time. It is basically a large cylinder of thick fleece with a smaller hole on one side. At first, I thought they sent me a reject as mine only had one arm hole. I went to the website and soon found that it goes over only one arm, like those modern one strap dresses. This holds up the cover and keeps it from falling down around your waist.

There are two shock cords to cinch it around the top and bottom. The fleece around the neck is a bit thicker and can be pulled up around the babe's head for extra warmth. There is even a pocket for mama's hands around the babe. I could easily move around, carry my other kiddo and adjust the babe in the carrier.

This would be great for walking around the zoo, the state fair (it is summer, but it is an Alaskan summer) or hikes. It is nice to not have to stuff a marshmallow man (think of the brother in Christmas Story) into the Ergo. He seemed so much more comfortable just encased in this fleecy, soft cocoon. I even got a bit of warmth with it around me as well. I would have loved this last year when he was a month or two old. Instead of zipping him into my coat leaving my neck open to the elements, I could have been toasty warm and just pulled the Kowalli over us.

(Babe is in a sling inside my down coat. I was constantly checking his air supply and if he was awake. Not a problem with the Kowalli!)

Also, It was easier to control kiddo's temperature with the Kowalli as I didn't have to remove him from the Ergo when we got into the building. I simply removed the Kowalli (I found it easiest to pull it off my shoulder and let it fall down to my hips and step out) instead of having to take off his coat and wake him up from his nap. I just folded it up and stuffed it into my diaper bag.

I also gave a go at nursing with the cover. I loosened the Ergo straps a bit and shifted kiddo into the front and nursing position with the Kowalli still over us. It gave us coverage and kept me warm as well. Nice cold weather nursing cover as well!!

Aside from my initial problem with how to wear it (total mommy brain moment), the Kowalli only had one other problem. Out of the package, there was a bit of a static field. I resolved it with a quick dryer sheet rub down!

This simple concept makes for a great carrier cover. It can be used for front or back carry and interchanged with different carriers. They can cover new babes and older toddlers, so this investment lasts! (It is just under seventy dollars) I think this would be a wonderful shower gift - instead of another receiving blanket, a cover and bootie set would be great. It also would be great to find underneath the tree on Christmas morning!

They also have the cutest hats and tall boots (we will post a review as soon as I find some suitably sized feet to review them) that bridge the gap between sock and pants! I hope you support this wonderful mother run business!

If you want to try it out on a hike, send me an email and I will make arrangements!!!

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