Friday, December 17, 2010

All Terrain Herbal Armor Insect Repellent / Deet-free Lotion
I love that the company is Cruelty Free and has such a great mission. This is an excerpt from their website:
There is a direct correlation to time you spend outdoors and your health. The activity you do is important, but may not be as critical as just being outside. It's not just the exercise, but also the fresh air, the nourishing environment and simply getting away from the day-to-day stress. All Terrain wants to help you enjoy the outdoors in a healthy way, which is why we make natural products for the outdoors.
We also welcome you to help raise awareness of environmental issues and to get involved in protecting the environment. The environment isn't just the oceans, mountains or national parks. It is also our local surroundings - our neighborhoods, towns, parks and trails. Protecting available space is important.
The first thing that hit me about this product is the smell. I don't wear perfume, but this has a scent that might change my mind. It smells summery with the citronella without being overpowering. I rubbed it on my arms and hair without that typical greasy feeling. The kids didn't mind me rubbing it on their faces and exposed skin either. Another mother asked about the smell and took a little sample as well.

Eklutna Lake was buzzing with bugs in the shade. The flying creatures were swarming around, but they didn't land on me or the kids. I did hold out my herbal armored arm and no bugs attempted to grab a bit to eat. I take this as a rather good sign to the product's effectiveness!

I will use this product again for the following reasons:
1. Great smell!
2. Herbal product that is chemical free
3. The mission of the company
4. It worked last time to keep us itch free!

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