Friday, December 17, 2010



If you ever cook with a child on your hip or leave your Ergo in the car because both kids are sure they want to ride, this is one product that could be useful for you. I really liked the idea of the Hip2go, but didn't think I would use it terribly often. I opened the box and pulled out the mesh bag holding the Hip2go. The design is ingeniously simple with some clever additions.

You tightly Velcro the band around your hipbones and secure it with a clip. I had a difficult time getting it fit the first time, but you only have to adjust it once. The tail to this strap is long, but can be secured. The child sits on a small plastic bin which can hold your wallet, cell phone, diaper kit or toys. There are two small carabiners for keys or toys as well. There are small pockets inside the waist band for extra hidden storage (Costco card, bus pass, ice cream man money). There is also a cinched holder for a water bottle or other item. Yes, there are lots of places for your stuff!

It is comfortable holding both my one and two year old. You can really tell how much weight it takes off your pushed out hip when you put on his device. I also found it nice to lay my one year old for nursing as I walk around the house. It reminded me of the nice shelf I had when pregnant! I like how I can stand straight and keep my spine aligned, rather than pushing it way out to the side. It also lets me have a hand free as one arm just has to keep the child close to me as even my one year old can cling tightly to me.

I admit this product seemed like a gimmick and not really useful, but I was shocked. I found myself strapping it on when I cooked dinner, had a sick child that couldn't be put down and when we went to a craft fair. Rather than strapping a child into the Ergo only to have them scream for release within minutes, I can just pluck them from my hip back into the car or stroller. This will not replace my Ergo, but its size, portability and storage make it a great addition to my gear room.

I think the Hip2go would make a great gift for a family having a second child or an active parent who is often out of the house with a child. While traveling, this would be nice for those with a toddler and leaving the stroller behind. I remember having to hurry for a connection and this would have made the run a bit easier! I can also see traveling on subways or buses with a toddler being easier if you can quickly go from sitting to carrying.

All in all, I think this is a great product with many uses. The price may seem a bit prohibitive at first ($69.95), but most of the baby gear I continue using wasn't cheap. It comes in small or large and fantastic colors.   I have tried both sizes and I am wearing the small in the picture.  Buy one for a friend and their back will thank you!

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