Friday, December 17, 2010


Innobaby: Keepin' Fresh and Packin' Smart

These containers are as cute as they are functional. They are BPA free and help cut down on all those baggies being tossed out with each snack. They both can be microwaved and cleaned in the dishwasher. They are great to toss into your bag without worry of spillage!

The Keepin' Fresh food storage squares are great. I can seal them with one hand and they keep my kid's hand out thus far. It is the perfect size for snacks and keeps them from bouncing around as they do in my larger containers. It keeps liquids tightly inside even when bouncing around my diaper bag.

The Packin' Smart stackable containers are designed for formula, but I found many other uses. You can use the spout to dispense or take off the entire lid. Goldfish, yogurt melts and frozen peas (my kids love to snack on them) come out the dispensing spout. Their little fingers grabbed cheese and cereal out of the open lid. They screw together for easy packing and kept tight when in my bag.

These containers come in rounds, ovals, larger sizes and more stackers. The prices are comparable to other containers (about $11 for the 2 squares) but seem to beat their competition in design.

While the company provided these for review, I would buy them! They are stylish, easy to use and are practical for everyday use.

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