Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rugged Idea!

I thought my one year old knew better than to make a messy diaper when we were out on a hike. I usually take off my coat and lay the kiddo on it, but this time I had a secret weapon in my pack. I recently received a Rugged Idea blanket to review and threw it on the ground. There is a soft and fuzzy side and the other has ripstop nylon so it is water resistant. I let the kiddo get freshened up on the cozy side. It was so nice that I didn't have to strip down or let the child get cold laying in the snow.

Yes, there are little receiving blankets (which would have gotten wet and useless) or the Tuffo water proof picnic blanket (Huge and heavy and not for hiking), but this is different. When not protecting my child during a diaper change in the middle of nowhere, it hooks onto the car seat, stroller or carrier with little Velcro ties at each corner. This versatility is key! I even used it as a make shift pillow for my little guy that got tuckered out while shopping.

The blanket is not meant for subzero temps, but is great as a final layer to keep the snow and wind off the kiddo. I like that it isn't large and bulky - it easily fit in my pack and diaper bag. They make a larger size which would be perfect for a double stroller or picnic and a smaller changing pad size. The weatherproof blankie (middle size) fits my 2 1/2 year just fine. He can lay on or under it and even run around with it as a cape (very necessary property for young boys). I can fold down the top just a bit for my 1 year old.

The color combination are lovely. They are not the typical blues and pinks, but much more modern with turquoise, oranges, yellows and vibrant greens. The fleece and ripstop combo is great as even if the fleece gets wet, it still will keep the child warm.

The price seemed a bit steep at first, but then I realized the versatility, quality and durability of this product. Also, part of their profits support a cause. Currently, they "are helping to support the Pediatric Interim Care Center (PICC). The PICC is a community treatment center for drug affected infants. The PICC offers 24-hour medical treatment for infants with drug withdrawal symptoms." I think that a company reaching beyond themselves to help others is fantastic.

I also love what the developers wrote:

Ali and RenĂ©e are passionate about children getting to be children – jumping in leaves, splashing in puddles, building sandcastles on the beach. They believe children should experience their world with all their senses, in all seasons; and that while embarking on outdoor excursions they should be warmed and shielded appropriately.

The old phrase about no bad weather, just bad clothes seems to fit. Just because there is a mist in the air or a bit of snow flying, doesn't mean you have to stay inside. Strap your kiddo into a stroller or carrier, cover them up with the Rugged Idea blanket and off you go. Instead of giving a new mom yet another receiving blanket, give them one of these blankets so they can get out and about in style!

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