Friday, January 8, 2010

Northside Snow Boots (by Dianna Polese)
Before the weather turns each year I buy my kids snow boots. My son who is 2 did not fit into the gender neutral boots I brought for my daughter when she was two. I made a quest to find decent boots in his size that did not cost too much. The ones I brought were hard to get on especially with the heavy socks you use for winter and the liners kept falling out. My friend lent me boots that her son used to use in my son’s size. They looked like they were cheap boots to me so I was making do with the other boots until I finally gave them a try one day when the liners for his other boots went missing.
I was surprised how easy these boots went on. It wasn’t a battle to stuff a toddler’s foot into the boot and then trying to get the foot all the way down into the boot. The zipper front really is so helpful for getting boots on a toddler who isn’t putting his own shoes on correctly yet.
Now that I been using the boots all winter I have been pretty impressed. The liners stay in these boots much better than any other brand I used and I used a couple brands through the years. These boots are easy to get on and keep my son’s feet warm even on the coldest days. The top of the boot isn’t too hard and stiff like a lot of winter boot brands so they are easy for toddlers and kids to walk in. My son is very sensitive to the cold. He hates being even a little cold and will let you know by throwing a fit and screaming. He complained about his hands and his face all winter but he has never complained about his feet being cold and his feet haven’t felt cold all winter even when we try to venture out on the coldest days. We also haven’t had snow get into the boots.

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