Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Warmers From Bent Grass Concepts

He enjoyed the sloshing liquid

It fits nicely in my hand

I opened the box as a group of relatives arrived for dinner. They cocked their heads and gave me a strange look. These hand warmers resemble, um, enhancers of sorts. They are about the size of my palm, are filled with a liquid and are little pouches. I am sure you can see their confusion. These hot little babies are actually reusable hand warmers.

We had a cold snap (the following week it was 15 degrees and it felt warm). I was going through my Costco box of the disposable warmers quite quickly. A pair in the kid's boots and mittens and a pair for me. It seemed like a lot of waste, but a necessary waste. I did some research and it seemed that I could get a battery operated warmer, a gasoline filled warmer or one using a chemical reaction. The last option seemed safest for the kiddos.

The button you press.  Hard enough so the kids can't do it, but you can!
The website describes how this reaction works.
There is a small metal activator floating in the bag. If you pinch the disc, so it snaps, the trigger will start a unique, instant crystallization process that produces heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds. The packs will actually change from liquid to solid, conforming to your body, emitting heat through the physical change. These heat packs can produce therapeutic heat for up to two hours or more, depending on heat pack size and application. Heat times are extended by using any form of

Apparently, these pouches can be reused indefinitely. Their website stopped counting at 500 discharges. The bag is made from medical grade plastic and is thick and sturdy. They offer different sizes that could wrap around a back or leg as well. The hand warmers are $18.00 for a pair and this far outweighs the price per hand warming session of the disposables. These seemed to remain warm to the touch after about 45 minutes, whereas the disposables were warm for a longer time. I had them in a coat pocket, but could see them retaining warmth longer if in a wool sock or my mitten.

Rag in bottom of pan to protect the pouch

To recharge them, you just boil it for about 8 minutes. This could easily be done over a camp stove!

So warm!

I gave them to my kiddo at the halfway point of a ski outing. He was in the pulk and he held them in his mitten. It both kept his hands toasty and he was occupied with squishing it as well. He didn't complain about it getting too hot. I also used it on another trip to keep my camera battery from getting cold sapped. I was able to take pictures the whole trip and it was -5 when we set out on our journey.

I think the larger back size could be placed over a child in the pulk or at the bottom of a chariot to provide some heat to a child's feet.

Alaskan Mom Approved!

This product is Alaskan Mom Approved as it is reusable, easy to operate and kept my kids warm so I could ski for two hours!  Order yours here !

*These also would be a great heat source to soothe those with mastitis or sore nipples.  They are a perfect size to slip inside a nursing bra!  The 30 minutes is a perfect time as well.

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