Friday, July 15, 2011

TeoBaby Pouch

Visit the TeoBaby website to see their pouches and baby carriers!
(website may still be under construction, but still worth a visit!)

I have three strollers - a single Bob, a double trailer (biking, running and skiing compatible) and a sit and stand.  It seems excessive to even me, but when I try to think of which one to retire from my armada, I get stuck.  The single Bob?  But, I do run with one kiddo sometimes and like the option of carrying one and letting one ride.  The sit and stand?  It is not as wide and is good for walking downtown and the mall (in case I ever do go back to a mall with two toddlers).  The double could get the boot, if only to get a newer and better double!  You see my quandary.

I love them each in different ways, but they each have the problem of accessibility of necessary items.  The huge pocket organizers that hang down the back are too large and the pocket on each of my strollers too small.  I really like to have my wipes, diaper, kleenex and bear spray (I live in Alaska) handy.  This mini pouch from TeoBaby does just the trick.

It easily fits the aforementioned items (bear spray in back is a bit tight) and lets them be within arm's reach.  The velcro tab on the back lets me hook it to any of my strollers, baby carrier or hiking backpack. I didn't think the velcro would hold all the items, but it stayed snug each time.

I don't think that I would go on long hiking trips with this pouch, but it is wonderful for trips to the park, stroller walks, the zoo or museum.  Instead of lugging your entire diaper bag, just toss the essentials into this pouch and you are off.  The front two pockets don't "seal" but my keys and camera didn't fall out on our walk.  The back, larger section has a top flap with a small section of velcro.

 I love the bright floral print (which also helps me identify my Bob in a sea of blue strollers), solid construction and ease of use for this bag.  The sewing is professional and seems to be completed with care.  My contacts at TeoBaby were upbeat, helpful, and friendly.  I put the pouch into the washing machine for a test and let it air dry with no visible problems!

This company also makes a carrier unlike any I have seen before.  It is soft sided and simple to use.  If anyone gets a hold of one, please let me know so I can check it out!  I give TeoBaby's Mini Pouch my Alaskan Mom Approval for their customer service, ability to hold necessary items so I have two arms free and suitability for Alaska even though it is made in Hawaii!

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