Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mambe Blankets

Get a Mambe for yourself, sister and best friend right here!

From Mambe - Hi Lia,
Glad you like the blankets! You wrote a fabulous review although we see you didn't include the coupon code for people wanting to buy. "BlogAK" is worth 20% to any of your readers if they choose to use it through the end of July.

Every Monday in the summer, there is music in the town park for children. The group leads sing-a-longs, dances and lets kids play instruments. If it is a sunny day, you can't find an inch of stroller parking. It seems everyone has either the blanket by Tuffo or JJCole and you need a flag to remember which one is yours in the sea of bright stripes.

My kids can always find where their lunch spot is now that we have a Mambe blanket. The bright fleece puzzle pieces design stands out in the crowd and is so much softer than the slick material of the others. It feels nice against newly exposed legs in shorts and also makes a nice bed for a sleepy toddler. I lay it out to mark our spot and The kids can run wild and always find their way home.

The backing material is tough. While other all weather picnic blankets, have an almost cheap tablecloth feel, the Mambe is burly. This material isn't going to rip, puncture or tear without some serious effort. It withstood being tossed into the back of my truck with pounds of other gear (including an avalanche shovel, fishing pole and lots of sticks). My older son insisted on carrying it to the park, by the strap which resulted in a long period of him dragging it on the concrete. (Yes, I should have helped him, but he was helping me with quality testing.) No harm done!

The backing also makes it windproof. Alaskan beach days can often make this a wonderful amenity. You can curl up in a fleecy, warm cocoon to enjoy the waves and your lunch. It also makes a great impromptu tent. We were at a park when it started raining and we were unprepared. My kids got into the wagon and held the blanket over them. One wet mama had two happy and dry kids when we got to the car! It is quite evident that this company started in the Pacific Northwest!

The construction is solid. My kids helped with testing and pulled on the corners, used it to drag each other around and somehow rolled themselves in it and down a hill (no one was hurt in the testing of this blanket). The blanket washed up and seemed even softer afterwards!

I like the large blanket for picnics or as a kid cover. The smaller blanket has been living in my stroller. It is the perfect size to cover the kids when it rains. They refuse to have the top down and used to come home with wet legs, but the blanket keeps them warm and dry. I intended to use it for hiking, but it seems to large for my backpack. I do put it in the bottom of the stroller when we go "strhiking" (stroller hiking- off road, back woods, pulling it over roots, crossing streams). It has the usual uses, but also keeps the items in the bottom of the stroller dry when used as a wrap.

The company offers a million combinations of sizes, fabrics, types and colors. The puzzle piece blanket is the Outdoor Summer Series ($69) and the smaller, navy blanket is 4x5 ($40). There is a strong stuff sack for the blanket as well that sells for $10. I might get an Extreme Blanket for the winter that is "made with a heavier Polartec fleece (similar to the Outdoor blanket) and also has a heat reflective lining." (from the company) How wonderful would ice fishing be wrapped in that like a human burrito?

Please resist the urge to join the JJCole clue and get a blanket that is durable and different. It can keep you warm in the winter and dry in the summer. I will use this blanket long after my kids go to college for lazy days knitting in the park or for a picnic at a wine tasting in Napa with my best girlfriends (it might happen).

I also want to add how nice the contacts were at this company. They wrote long emails that addressed what I had written and they seemed genuinely interested in the needs of Alaskan Moms. Such amazing customer service makes giving them my approval so easy (even if the blankets weren't as amazing as they really are).

I would love for them to make a super small one to use as a changing pad or sit upon for hiking!

I give Mambe Blankets my Alaskan Mom Approval for their construction, durability, and ability to keep my kids happily dry which keeps us outside that much longer.

****** From Mambe!!! Hi Lia,
Glad you like the blankets! You wrote a fabulous review although we see you didn't include the coupon code for people wanting to buy. "BlogAK" is worth 20% to any of your readers if they choose to use it through the end of July.

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