Friday, April 29, 2011

Frubi shades

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About the developers-

Gary W. Hall, M.D. an Ophthalmologist and expert in solar-related eye disease and three time Olympic medal winner in swimming and Renee Resler...met while seated next to each other on a flight from New York to sunny Phoenix where they reside. By the end of the trip they had written a business plan on a napkin for a new venture in children’s eyewear. Soft, spongy, affordable, comfort-fit sunglasses that children would actually want to wear and would keep on. They decided to call them FRUBI® SHADES.

I was reluctant to let the kids really test out these shades. They are so cute and I didn't want anything to happen to them! In the interest of thoroughness and honesty, I handed over the Frubi shades to the two wild things sitting in the stroller. They pulled, twisted and tossed them out a few times, but upon each inspection they looked just fine. The frames were a bit dirty, but that dusted off and a wet wipe cleaned the lenses. Whew!

These are light weight, easily attach with strong Velcro and block out all the bad mojo from the sun. Not only do the Ultraguard® lenses on Frubi Shades block 100% of UVA and UVB, they also block all of the harmful blue light. Most people don't think you need sun protection in Alaska, but we do get sun. Heck, we have almost 24 hours of light at the solstice. We also take our kids out in the snow and the glare can be deadly.

I can strap the Frubi shades onto my son's head without breaking a stride and them attach them to the handlebar with the velcro when not needed. They are the only brand of sun glasses we have found that fit over his glasses comfortably. He is sensitive to the sun and these shades allow him to ride in the stroller on a sunny day without putting a blanket over his head (his previous sun block method).

The material is soft and spongy so it is easy on his head when he falls asleep against the backpack or stroller. This material also makes these glasses float in the pool - brilliant. The lenses are shatterproof as well making them perfect for fall-prone kiddos like mine.

They don't look like mini-me versions of your sport shades, they do come in cool patterns. Lots for your little sun babe to chose from - skull and cross bones, pink or animal prints to name a few.

I give these my Alaskan Mom Approval as they protect young eyes, allow my kiddo to happily play in the sun and let him look cool while doing it!

Get your shades here!

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